Weird Experiences

I had a really weird experience a couple of years back so I decided to share it. So here it is. I was sleeping in my room. It was completely silent. I had all my stuffed animals beside my and I was fast a sleep. Then out of no where a song that we didn’t have started to play on the main floor. I got out of bed, opened the door for my room, and headed down the stairs.

“Hello?” I whispered. There was no answer. I continued going down the stairs. I saw a huge record player that I’ve never seen before.

“That’s not our record player,” I thought, “cause we don’t have one.” Then the music stopped.

I was then turned around and pushed against the wall of the stairs. I heard noises of what sounded like a record switching. I then was able to turn back around facing the living room. I then walked down all the way down to the main floor. I was then lifted of the floor, screaming. I was lifted to the record player and got my head stuck where the records go in the player. The top of it started to smash my head. I was screaming while dark red blood poured out of my head. I eventually stopped screaming. Cause I was dead.

“OH MY god” I yelled in shock, “what a weird dream,” I said quieter. I looked over at the time on my clock. It was half past 10:00 am. (10:30 am).

“Why did I have a dream that looked like the dumb character in the start of a horror movie?” I thought. My alarm clock went of and I quickly turned it off. I got out of bed wearing my unicorn pajamas. I brushed my teeth and went downstairs to the main floor. Everyone in my family was already awake.

“Why do you wake up so late?” my mom asked.

“To get sleep” I replied.

“It’s bad for you to sleep so late you know that?” my dad said.

“Since when?”


“What I thought,” I finished my breakfast and went upstairs to my room. The door was closed.

“I didn’t close the door did i?” I thought. I opened the door and saw a bunch of blood and guts hanging from the walls. Written with blood on one of the walls said: “you’re next”. I covered my mouth with my hands in shock. My mum screamed downstairs. I ran down there and stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

I saw my mum and my dad tied up, gagged and murdered. I ran got the home phone and called the police. They arrived five minutes after I saw this. The police found me crying in a corner of the house. They put me in the orphanage for girls. I spent four years at the orphanage until someone adopted me. She was a sweet woman who lived an apartment. Until four month’s later something happened. She was also gagged, tied up and murdered as well. I went back to the orphanage. Then after a week in there, I was in the washroom when the door suddenly shut when I had the door open.

Then all the pictures and painting’s on the wall started to rise and come towards me. They then all hit me in the head and body and I fell to the floor. I was laying there for about five minutes until somebody found me. I then woke up in the hospital. And I was told that my entire family was killed. I now live in an apartment alone, scared about my past and that it will try to kill me again.

  • Rose Morrison

    I am sorry, this was dreadful. Bad grammar, poor spelling, awful punctuation, disjointed plot, incoherent storyline…… I will stop there. To give an example, the narrator is back in the orphanage for the 2nd time at the end, yet says, I found out all my family were killed, well….. they were killed the 1st time you ended up in the orphanage, surely? Please edit this piece, or write another, keep writing, don’t stop, keep practicing.

    • Solied Flapjacks

      Agreed on all points. Never stop writing, never stop improving, and never get discouraged, no matter how hard it might seem.