Weeping Willow

It was a night like any other. You were walking home from school. Since you lived by the woods, it was dark. It’s about five in the afternoon. As you walk to your home, you here crunching of leaves.

“Stupid squirrels,” you muttered as you opened the door of your house. You went in your room and watched some YouTube. After about thirty minutes you started doing homework. A few hours later, it’s about eight at night. You went into the kitchen, right by the front door. You hear a soft noise from outside. You opened up the door to hear it better. It sounded like a small child crying. You began to walk into the woods following the sound. It grew louder the more you walked into the woods.

You all of a sudden find yourself in a clearing. In the center of the clearing was a willow tree. A black hooded figure stood leaning on the tree, short blonde hair, facing away from you. She began turning around. When she was facing you, her eyes were pure white, and she was crying a black liquid. But she was grinning. She pulled out her hand, which was clawed, with a black liquid dripping from them. Her teeth were sharp and dripping with the same liquid.

You tried to run, but you were frozen in fear. She shoved her clawed hand into your gut, poisoning you. The last thing you heard was her telling you, “Don’t follow the weeping willow.”

You woke up in your desk, your computer open to YouTube creepy stories. “Of course, I fell asleep again,” you mumbled as you got up to check the time. “Dang it! I’m going to be late for school!” you got dressed quickly and ran out of the house towards the school. The bell rang just as you reached the property.

When you walked into the classroom, the whole class looked at you. “Why are you late?” your teacher asked you.

“I over slept,” you replied.

“Well, you can sleep in detention!”

You sighed and sat down. After school you stayed for detention. Out of the corner of your eye you thought you saw the girl from last night. You looked over, but she wasn’t there. You were alone with the detention teacher. He looked at you then back at his book.

After two hours, you were free to go. You began walking home. You heard it again… that damn crying.

“You can’t fool me again!” you shouted at no one. As you walked into your house, you felt a chill go down your spine. You looked around, but no one was there. You sighed and closed the door. You heard a small chuckle. A girl. The girl… she was right there. Staring dead at you. But this time, her eyes were not pure white, but black with small white pupils. And she looked mad.

“Why were you ignoring me? Are you scared of me? The way I look?”

You were frozen in fear. Several moments passed, you blinked, and she was gone. You didn’t sleep at all. It was too much for you. You went online to figure this out, but your laptop died. You sighed and tried to find the charger, but you couldn’t. A deep, hard pain went through your stomach. You looked down and saw a clawed hand through your stomach. A small giggle was heard from behind you. Before your last breath you heard, “But don’t ignore me.”

  • Alicia Gates

    Too much repetition of the word “you.” Seems like a very young kid wrote this with basic knowledge of sentence structure.

  • Rose Morrison

    I agree with Alicia, poor spelling, grammar and punctuation, and far too many “you”. The plotline and storyline were very shaky, and lacking in detail. An edit, and some expansion would improve the story greatly. I hope you write more.

    • Killer Chara666

      I’m sorry. This was my first story. Thanks for your help

  • Killer Chara666

    Please don’t hate…

  • Rishabh Sharma

    Convoluted af

  • Megan

    Who…are you….? I chose the cp name Weeping Willow….then I find this story all of a sudden…….
    This is kinda freaking me out here….I also have blond hair…