He entered the house, the banker. Successful and proud. Doing well in his business. He had always done well. He had struggled a lot, even with the scarce resources he had. Put himself through college and got a job. Life had been good to him over the last few years.

He had bought the house himself, a new house and fully furnished. He had always loved it. But suddenly it didn’t feel like home anymore. It felt like something was out of order, something unusual. But after a rough day at work it didn’t feel like much. He ate the food he made and sat down to read.

Again, he felt it. He was getting uncomfortable In his own house. He looked out of the window to see the world he is familiar with. But all he saw was darkness, then he felt a loud vibration. This made him even more anxious. The vibration started growing everything around him started vibrating. He could feel everything the chairs, tables, lamps, curtains, drawers, everything was vibrating so fast that he could feel them. Then it ended as suddenly as it had started.

A chill went through his spine. A sense of relief was around the corner when he noticed that there shouldn’t be nothing outside of his window. He lived in the busy part of the town. There was a building right in front of his window, which was absent. No lights, no sound no feeling. The noise he used to hear and hate was absent too. He found himself 2 feet from the window starting at nothing. It was about this time when he was truly scared.

There was really nothing outside his window but blackness not a single trace of any color or object. Just infinite space. He ran to the door to find the same depressing black color ahead of him. He was too afraid to go outside. It was like stepping into a well with no end. He panicked, slammed the door and ran to his room. He was struggling with the fear confusion frustration

Disappointment and the constant feeling of being watched. He was so confused and scared that he began to cry. No one was going to hear him cry but he wanted someone to. He wanted to hear the annoying traffic noises he wanted to hear people laugh at him, anything. He wanted to hear something human. Anything would be better than this. Just then he felt that vibration. Louder and sharper this time. Growing, slowly as if it was coming for him. Like a train, but except the joys of traveling or the memories. It became so loud that he covered his ears and shrieked at the top of his voice. But in vain the sound hit him like a train. He fell down with a thud. Nothing made sense anymore.

He was laying on the ground crying, trying to wake up from this horrible dream he was in. He cried till his eyes went dry. Till his body didn’t have enough energy to stand. There he was staring at the ceiling,there was nothing that he could do. He had checked his phone but black was all that he could see.

He was surviving only on the memories. He remembered his name his family but he forgot what he did for a living, forgot the country he was living in he forgot language. All he knew now was darkness. He knew a void that filled his life. A dark force that took over him and destroyed him. All his life his work, his memories his friends and family were black dots on a black background in an infinite black void. So he did what he had remembered. Black, he painted black all over himself. It didn’t seem unfamiliar now. He was attracted to it now. It was almost desirable to him. He lay there being black. Because he was black nothing was left of the successful banker now. A void was all that had survived.

They found his body three months later, a black skeleton was left wrapped around itself like a caterpillar. There were no traces of struggling or fighting. What had happened to him was unknown to everyone.

  • Ethan Brown

    Good story! A small bit of punctuation errors, but overall really enjoyable to read. Thanks!

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    Well, it could use more description and details. Not to mention minor writing typos. But overall I liked it.