Voices – Part 1

Silently, he walked forward into the kitchen. From the last drawers he took a knife, a big and sharp one. He aimed the handle away from him, released a deep sigh and plunged the blade into his heart. The red water flooded the tiles below him, together with his memories. Not long after, his being was nothing more then an empty vessel laying on the ground, covered in his own life. The last thing he heared was her saying: “Good. Now, it’s over.”

Coming down from the stairs, Dan was thinking about what would happen once he opened the door to the kitchen. Would he see his parents at the table eating their breakfast? Or would he see them fighting with pans and rolling pins? Both seemed quite fun, but the first option would be his choice. Everything standard, just like he knew it. Not too much change.

“I hope they will yell again. That was so funny!” said Liss half giggling.

“Then mommy will cry again and dad will leave in his car for a few hours!”

“I hope they don’t,” said Azel, “You know mom will scream at us again. Telling us what we already know: that we’re worthless bums.”

“Let’s take a look,” Dan proposed. With a swift motion of his hand he swung the door open to see his mother and father happily chatting at the table. They looked at him in surprise, and Mother quickly said:

“Well look who’s decided to finally get out of bed! You should really try to wake up sooner, dears.”

“Indeed,” Dad added.

“The same counts for you, young lady.”

While Dan was walking up to the table, he hadn’t heard his sister Kim come in. She threw her toy animal towards the table, aimed at his Dad. Luckily, it barely missed him. Dan sat down on his chair saying a silent, “Good morning,” and started eating.

Kim sat down, looked around and started crying. “Oh, here we go,” said Liss, “What’s wrong this time? Didn’t she get her hug this morning? Jeesh, this girl is so childish. Throw her on the streets and have her survive on her own to teach her a lesson.” The crying started intensifying.

“Stop it, Liss. Before you know it they start pointing fingers at us again,” said Azel. Dan was just looking around. All of the noises were silenced. He saw Kim crying furiously while his Mother and Father tried to comfort her, Liss and Azel verbally fighting one another and the table, filled with food. And all he could really think was: “I’m not even hungry.”

Dan reached the schoolgates just in time. “How many people are looking at us?” Azel asked.

“Way too many,” Liss answered, “they are obviously planning something.” Lost in his thoughts, Dan nearly tripped over his untied shoelaces.

“Don’t fall over, buddy!” he heard. Looking up, he saw it was Matthew. A sports and gaming addict, and one of his good friends. “You nearly crashed down there,” he said with a small grin, “That would have been a great start of the new year.”

“Let’s not try to steal the show that way,” I replied.

“Yes that would have been really funny, right?” Liss snarled, “Once more he would have been the laughing stock!”

Azel, with a calming voice, said: “How about we just go to class, we’re already late.” Matthew looked around, like he was looking for someone. “Maybe we should go.” he said. “Not to make a bad impression on day one.”

“Let’s,” said Dan.

Never had a day felt as long as this one. It felt like the Medieval times had passed by in the same time Mister Mitchell tried to introduce the class to advanced algebra. Long and boring and a really bad sign for the upcoming months of school. Dan had been dozing off mostly, as he does often: Thinking about jumping though the window right next to him, wanting to run out the room just to hide in the toilets, go home and play some more on this new game he just found, just anything to not concentrate on the Maths course.

“Wouldn’t it be jokes if we threw a ball of paper towards him? That would make this stupid course a lot more interesting,” Liss whispered.

“No way,” Dan said back, “That would get me in a lot of trouble. And besides what’s the point?”

“You’re such white knight! Just do it, everyone will laugh!” she spuwed back.

“Stop it, you!” Azel said, “We don’t want any bad attention! We will be punished again. Made into the class clown, with people hating us from the first day onward. You’re just evil sometimes, Liss!”

“And you two are complete a*s lickers,” Liss sighed.

Lunchtime had finally arrived, to the relief of many students. Dan sat down in the lunch hall, waiting for his friends to come. It took quite a long time however. He was growing a bit nervous.

“Don’t worry,” Azel said, “I’m sure they’ll come. They’re just a bit overtime”

“Nonsense, dumbass. Just open your eyes and use those IQ’s for once. Those kids aren’t coming for you. They left you here. They don’t like you,” Liss said. Dan started to feel really uncomfortable. He wanted to jump up and go, be anywhere but here.

“When will you actually understand that nobody wants to be around…?” Before she could finish her rant she was interrupted by a “There you are!”

Dan turned to look behind him, where he saw Matthew and Sandra. His discomfort made room for relaxation.

“A sparkle of patience will always reward itself,” Azel spoke.

“A sparkle of patience will always blah blah blah,” said Liss mockingly.

“Jesus, you’re so stupid. They won’t come for you next time!”

Dan ignored it and started talking to his friends.

“Go on, Dan. Make me laugh for the first time today. Make sure I don’t die of boredom,” said Sandra. Dan pulled a weird face, changed his voice and said: “Goodmorning dear pupils. I’m here to collect my chicken nuggets.” Sandra bursted out in laughter while Matthew did his absolute best not to. He failed however, and soon tears rolled down his face.

“Jeesh, bro. How can you always just do that without laughing?” Matt asked.

“No idea. I guess you two just have a really low level of humour,” Dan replied.

  • Puddin Tane

    Your story makes absolutely no sense.

    • Beau Detavernier

      But what if it was intended?

      • Puddin Tane