Violet White

A friend helped me with this one, so if I’ve to fix or change something, I’ll have to wait until I see her again. Just going to say it’s not the best. I’m going through some things and kind of on the edge of having a mental break, and a friend is hoping writing a story will help.

It doesn’t help if you have no clue what to write! Writer’s block is a fun thing! But we’re going to try! 😀

Eye Color Meaning:

  • Black: Coldness, death, and pain.
  • Blue: Coldness, fear, and sadness.
  • Green: Disgust and sickness.
  • Grey: Depression, emotionless, and sad.
  • Red: Anger, danger, and warning.
  • Yellow: Caution.
  • White: Scared, shocked, and sick.

The suspect for the murder case sits across from me. She looks tired like she hasn’t slept for days. Her hair is knotted and messy as her nails were bitten to the skin and bled. Taking in a deep breath, I found my voice.

“Ms. Arnold, you do know this is a severe charge that’s being held against you? People believe you killed your friends. You had their blood on your clothes when the police found you, and text messages between the three of you show it was your idea to go to the forest,” I read the reports out loud. Ms. Arnold twitched a little she stares at me with wide eyes like a deer in headlights.

“Please don’t make me go back to the forest… I-I didn’t do it. I swear I didn’t kill them!” she cried. Sighing, I rub my forehead glancing back at the reports. “Yes, you told police that and then you told them some strange story about some monster killing them,” I looked back up at her, but she seemed to be in a trance.

“Violet White, Violet White. Why did you kill them? Violet White, Violet White. Who will you add to your list? Violet White, Violet White. What are you?” Ms. Arnold spoke slowly.

I was going to ask if she was alright but stopped. Her eyes were dim and empty. “Violet White, Violet White. Watch out. Violet White, Violet White. She’s coming for me…” Ms. Arnold whimpers. I stood up and left the room.

“Told you the girl was crazy,” officer Cooper laughs as he held a coffee cup. He was the only officer willing to stay tonight. The others didn’t want to hang around can’t blame them, an out of town agent sticking her nose into someone else’s business. I had no right being here, but I’m not a typical agent.

Taking my cell phone out to read the time, ’12:30 AM.’ I made a face. “What you have a hot date or something?” officer Cooper asks. I closed my eyes and hid my phone screen. “No, and I would appreciate it if you didn’t look at my phone. I have to make a call,” I started to the front doors to call my Superior Officer to ask him what I should do.

“Yes, sir,” I said, standing outside. The moon was full and bright. There’s no soul out tonight. I’ve always wanted to live in a town like this, but life had other plans for me. “No, some think the girl killed them. Where others think a bear did it,” I informed my Superior Officer then listened to the other end, “It is her, sir. Violet White.” A distorted scream of a bobcat that’s mixed with a fox cry ringed out in the night. “S**t… I need back up to my coordinates. NOW!”

Just as I hung up the phone there in the dark trees was a single green eye, it blinked slowly before dropping to the ground. When I took a step back, it got closer. ‘Don’t run. That’s what she wants me to do.’ I kept reminding myself, ‘Just back up slowly and keep my eyes on her.’ Swallowing the lump in my throat as she begins to crawl towards me and onto the parking lot. Like a predator hunting its prey, she stayed low to the ground.

Her skin’s a pale white color that forms a dress and stops at her thighs. Both arms and legs were long and thin. Her hair was long and dark that hung over her shoulders. It was just that eye and nose for her facial features, no other eye or mouth to speak of.

“Hey, are you okay? You’ve been out here for a while.” Officer Cooper asks as he opened the front door. Violet’s eye turned red as she stands up. “DAMN IT! Get back inside!” I demand, taking out my handheld gun. I know the bullets won’t do much, but they’ll slow her down. Firing two and hitting her stomach.

She let out that wailing scream again as her eye turned five colors quickly, black, white, gray, blue. Then it stopped on red again. I pissed her off.

“What the hell is that!” Officer Cooper yelled with panic in his voice. I push him inside and slammed the door just in time too. Violet rams herself into the door knocking me onto the floor and cracking the reinforced glass doors. She starts to slam herself into the doors repeatedly.

“That’s the thing that killed Ms. Arnold’s friends and a few other people,” I explain, getting up and heading back to the central office. “The front doors won’t keep her out for long. We need to barricade ourselves until backup comes.” When I finished my sentence, the sounds of slamming stopped, my heart dropped.

Officer Cooper nervously laughed. “M-maybe it g-gave up…?” I peer down the hall that went to the front. The doors are broken, but she wasn’t there. “There’s no other entry into this building is there?” I ask. Officer Cooper shook his head slowly, “No, ma’am.”

It doesn’t matter, she’s persistent, and she’ll find one or make one. “Stay here. I’m going to get Ms. Arnold. Keep the safety off for your gun, and keep it at the ready! And whatever you do, don’t run!” I instruct strongly. Officer Cooper nodded.

I quickly head to the room where Ms. Arnold’s sitting in. She was rocking and crying. “Violet White, Violet White. She’s here. Violet White, Violet White. She’s going to kill us!” I put my hand on her shoulder and helped her stand. As we went back to the central office, Officer Cooper was nowhere in sight.

“Officer?” I call, no reply. “Officer Cooper?” Still, no response. Ms. Arnold begins to breathe heavily and grips my arm tightly.

A gasp escaped from my throat as Ms. Arnold hid her face behind me. His body was lying behind the large oak desk. He didn’t even have time to use his gun as that b***h had ripped his insides out.

Violet stood up from his body with her fingertips dripped of his blood. Her eye was gray but turned black as she took a step towards us. She turned her attention to Ms. Arnold. “Don’t even think about it!” I snap, but Violet grabbed me and threw me to the side like a rag doll.

I felt a sharp pain shoot up my left arm, and the warm blood run down the back of my head when I hit the wall. Ms. Arnold starts to scream as Violet grabs ahold of her neck. Fighting the urge to blackout, I reach for my gun and point it at that monster. When I fired, the bullets didn’t even faze her…

Once Ms. Arnold went quit, and her body’s limp. Violet dropped the girl to the floor like a broken toy. She turned to me, and her eye was green then changed red. She begins to walk towards me. I smirk, putting the gun to my head. “Yeah, I’m not going to give you the satisfaction of killing me!” But before I could pull the trigger, her eye widens and changed yellow. With a loud shriek, she took off down the end of the building as my people came rushing in and holding guns at the ready.

“I couldn’t… Save them…” I said weakly. My Superior Officer put his hand on my right shoulder. “We can’t save them all, kid. You did your best. Get her to medical ASAP! And find that thing before it kills again.” He orders. I closed my eyes and finally blacked out when my people helped me out of the building.

Two Civilians: Deceased.

One Agent: Critically Injured.

SCP 23224: Evaded Capture.

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