My older sister was a very violent person. I say ‘was’ because she’s not that violent anymore. Of course she still gets angry, but she’s never lashed out on anyone for the past two years.

When I was ten she moved to our grandma’s because we where in poor living conditions and she couldn’t handle our mother so she just left. She stayed there for 5 years. She would have stayed longer to, except she couldn’t. She had been expelled from almost all the schools in the area. They were all the same cases every time; got in a fight that ended with blood, pushing someone down stairs, even stealing someone’s wheelchair. She was just begging for trouble and attention.

She didn’t know how much trouble she was going to cause for herself. When she was just finishing up sophomore year she killed someone, accidentally. It was just an accident though. She was walking with her friends and bumped into someone, the person was near a banister that led to them falling off very high above the ground.

After that, my sister moved back in with us. But the scary thing is, she said she didn’t need help or support, that she was fine. Over the course of a couple of weeks she started to make new friends. She started hanging out with them and actually, for once, started going to school and getting good grades. But it was weird that she kept going into the woods frequently, she usually didn’t come home until dark, but I didn’t mind. I was actually pretty happy for her. But I was curious. How did she manage to move on from the accident.

So one day while it was just me and her at home I asked her, “How did you do it?”

She said, “What do you mean?”

“How did you move on from the accident?”

My sister then said with a smile, “What accident?”

Only then did I realize something, my sisters eyes are brown, not blue.

  • -I Still Remain-

    This was okay, not the best, but that ending shook me. There has to be more to this

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I really loved the twist, I just wish this was expended with more detail and explanation. Good job though, I was definitely surprised.

  • Ashley

    I really liked this story. I was wanting to know what she was doing in the woods though. Maybe burying people she killed? Also the blue eyes might indicate she was being possessed? I would like for there to be a part two or something.

  • Ashley Baucom

    Hey. I really enjoyed reading the story. I was wondering what she was doing in the woods…maybe burying more people she killed? Also I guess the blue eyes are an indication that she got possessed?

  • Rose Morrison

    Too short. Needs a longer build up to be truly creepy, and an edit to remove spelling errors. Also, more details to immerse the reader, to make the excellent ending more of a shocking twist. As Ashley B says, what IS she doing in the woods? I look forward to more.

  • Puddin Tane

    Good writing, no spelling errors, good grammar. Just made no sense.

    • Rose Morrison

      There’s loads of errors! Where for were, to for too, and that’s just the 1st 2 paragraphs. As for grammar, there’s lots of peculiar examples; “lashed out on somebody”, on?