Update on Satanic Neighbors

As you have read in my previous story, my neighbors are devil worshipers. My husband and I have managed to stay away from Sandy and her creepy husband Edward. Unfortunately, Sandy insists on trying to invade my life.

A few weeks ago, my hubby Aaron and I threw a dinner. We invited a few of the neighbors we adored. We all enjoyed dinner and dessert as well as good conversation. As the evening whined down, we all sat on my deck listening to music and chatting it up. The conversation turned into inquiries of the supernatural variety. Ali and Sharon who live next door to Sandy told us some disturbing news. They claimed that they saw Edward and Sandy in the yard sacrificing a rabbit and two chickens on some sort of altar.

These people were out in the open with their stuff. Sharon and Ali also said they see them and others in robes at least once a week commune in the yard as well. Ivy and Aramis, a afro/latina lesbian couple that own the house across the street from the devil worshipers chimed in with an even more disturbing tale. Aramis tossed her drink back and looked me deep in my eyes. She was shaking. “I tried being neighborly. Sandy dropped some groceries so I helped her. I looked at her tattoo. It was an inverted pentagram with a rams head and 666 permanently etched in her skin. I didn’t want to seem shocked, I played it off. When I helped her up the steps, she turned to thank me. Her eyes were black! Completely f*****g black! And her teeth were sharp like a shark! I almost pooped my pants. I quickly got away Jupiter! That’s why I had you and Aaron bless and protect the house.” Aramis said with tears in her eyes. Ivy comforts her. I look at Aaron and he shakes his head.

Quickly after that everyone begins to leave. Aaron and I clean up and decide to take our dogs on a walk. And we see Sandy and Edward walking through the neighborhood. As we crossed their path My dogs start snarling at them. My dogs are usually sweethearts but animals can sense evil. The evil pair literally growl back at my dogs! I’m not talking a play growl, I’m talking gutteral, demonic hair raising, teeth showing growl. Aaron pulls a vial of holy oil out of his pocket and starts flicking them with it. I pull the dogs back and Aaron and I run back to our house. When we get inside, I look at Aaron confused. “Baby when did you start carrying holy oil around? Not that I’m complaining.” I ask panting from the run. “Ever since we saw them levitating. And Ju, I need you to keep crystals and oil on you at all times. These people are dangerous!” Aaron replied and pulls me close. We had a few much needed shots of Hennessey, showered and went to sleep.

My deceased brother Apollo came to me in my dream and told me to be on alert and vigilant when it came to Sandy. A few days later, I was at Walmart restocking on personals, food and cleaning supplies. And I run into none other than Sandy. I tried my best to be unseen. The b***h had the nerve to try and speak to me as if nothing happened!

I pretended to listen to my music thinking she would take the hint. She put her cart in front of mines stopping me from fleeing and ignoring her. I look up and take one earbud out. “What do you want?” I say nastily reaching into my purse for my vial of holy oil. Sandy looks taken aback but smirks quickly. “I’m having a little party with some friends and I wanted to know if you and Aaron would like to come? It’ll be fun, I promise. A little food, dancing and plenty trouble to get into. Devilment so to speak.” She says smiling wider than I have ever seen a humans mouth stretch.

I reach in my purse, grab that oil, undo the squirt top, look her in the eyes and chant in my patois a prayer to ward off evil. I squirt the oil on her. She winces and slumps in that cereal isle. I quickly get away and finish my store run. When I got home, I had a tall glass of wine and rolled a fat dubie. This creature has the nerve to try to talk to me after how her and that creepy husband of hers growled at us. I called Aaron and he rushed home. We strengthened our protective barriers around our property and inside our home. I talked to my parents, they say people are opening doorways to other realms and dimensions.

The earth is in real danger. Not just because of global warming, Trump or hatred. Tangible evil is spreading. I urge you to be cautious, be aware. Do not tamper with the supernatural. It’s best not to be careless. I will keep you posted of any further updates.

  • Courtney Johnson Reynolds

    Could youbpost a link to other stories? I would like to read the first one. Also, can I hit the doob with you?? 😂