Twisted Neck Nate

I… I really don’t know where to begin… I guess I should start by giving information about myself and about the two people that were involved. My name is Kaitlin Smith, and I am nineteen years old soon to be twenty in a few months. I live with two other girls in a two-story house. All three of us go to the same college. My first roommate’s name is Jennifer Colbert, and my other roommate is Kiki Thompson. Everything was normal until he saw Kiki…

Jennifer and I went to a mutual friend’s house to have some drinks. When we got back home, Kiki was in tears and was having a panic attack. She told us that some creepy guy wouldn’t stop following her from work.

“At first, I thought he was just going my way, but there was just something off about it all. I looked back to get a better look at him when I was at my bus stop… He was really tall like maybe 6’4 or 6’5, wearing a black trench coat with black pants. The only thing that made him stand out was a bright red scarf that was long, like almost touching the ground long!” Jennifer was kind enough to make her tea as we calmed her down. She started to give more details of what happened.

“I couldn’t see his face because his dark brown hair was blocking it, but when a U-Haul truck passed by us, his hair moved… He was smiling… But his smile isn’t what scared me the most. It was his eyes… The one was just a black pit of nothingness with blood coming out of it, the other eye was just as worse, it looked the same as the first, a black pit but it had a red dot in it, the same red as his scarf!” Kiki started to cry and shake, “He started to walk towards me with that sick smile which was the only thing I could see now because his hair fell back over his eyes. Thank GOD my bus showed up on time!”

She told us after she got on the bus, the guy stood on the sidewalk and watched the bus drive away. “He waved at me! I wanted to throw up! After I got home, I locked every door and window! I don’t want to go to work tomorrow!” she cried more. Jennifer and I comforted her. I told her that one of us would give her a ride for now on. Jennifer thought she was lying just to get one of us to drive her around, but Kiki has never lied about anything before. I don’t think she could even lie to save her life! And when Jennifer or I would drive by that bus stop, Kiki would start to breathe heavily or try to hide.

The week when everything went to hell, Jennifer and I had a huge test coming up so we told Kiki that we wouldn’t be able to pick her up that night because we had to study. She freaked a little but calmed down before telling us that she’ll just take the taser she got. Our college library’s open 24/7 which is nice. It was around eleven when I started to get a horrible headache, so we called it quits.

“Kiki should be at the bus stop by now, want to go get her?” Jennifer asked.

I nodded saying, “Sure, why not?” but when we passed by it, Kiki wasn’t there.

“Maybe the bus came early tonight?” I suggested, but Jennifer bit her bottom lip, something she does when she’s nervous or was worried.

She told me to call Kiki as she started to drive to our house. She didn’t stop at any red lights or at any stop signs. I yelled at her to chill.

“Call her!” Jennifer snapped. Rolling my eyes, I called. Her phone ringed three times when she picked up, I smiled.

“Hey, Kiki just calling to see if-” I stopped, from the other end there was a faint choking and gagging sound. I felt a cold chill going down my spine when her phone went dead. I told Jennifer to drive faster!

All the lights in our house were off as we pulled into the driveway. Jennifer stopped me from getting out.

“Have your phone ready to call 911,” she said. Getting out of the car we quickly jogged to the front door which was closed but unlocked. Something Kiki never does when she’s home by herself was leave the front door unlocked! I slowly open it, inside was cold as ice. Jennifer tried turning the lights on, but the power was out.

“Kiki?” she called. I followed her down the hallway. No one was in the living room, but Jennifer stopped in front of me she kneeled down picking up Kiki’s purse, everything in it was scattered all over the floor, but her phone wasn’t there.

We jumped when something fell in the dining room.

“Kiki is that you?” I called. Jennifer grabbed my hand as we slowly walked down the hallway towards the dining room… We… Weren’t ready for what was waiting for us…

Even in the dark, we could see it… Kiki’s little body was hanging with a bright red rope around her neck that was tied to the chandelier, her feet only an inch away from the table.

I felt the tears welling up. Jennifer covered her mouth as she started dry heaving.

“She died slowly. It was quite a show, sad you two missed it,” A male’s voice spoke from the dark room the chandelier slowly flicked on, but it was dim. A tall man sat in one of the chairs. He was leaning back on it with both legs propped up on the table an open wine bottle beside him as he held a wine glass in his left hand. He took a sip from it before looking at us.

Jennifer’s grip tightens on my hand. He had the same eyes that Kiki told us about, an empty black pit with blood coming out it, the other just a red dot in the darkness.

“You’re both shaking like a leaf. Would any of you ladies like some wine to calm your nerves? It will numb you a little so you won’t feel all the pain,” he started to laugh as he stood up.

Jennifer pulled me out of the dining room. We ran down the hall towards the front door but screamed because the man was standing in front of it. “Very rude to run away from a guest. You two didn’t even ask for my name.” We both turned, but he was right there with a wicked smile.

“My name is Twisted Neck Nate!” He bowed then smiled again up at us. “There’s no escaping, ladies. You’re going to have a beautiful neck like your friend and like the other lucky women and men. But I am sorry my rope only comes in red!” He laughed. Jennifer let go of my hand, without warning she ran towards the man which caught him off guard she tackled him to the floor.

“Kate, run!” She shouted. I turned to run.

I heard Jennifer scream then a loud thud, but I was too scared to look behind me. When I got the door open, something was wrapped around my throat. It pulled me back into the house as the door slammed shut!

“You little brats!” the man growled! Putting both my hands on whatever was on my neck it was soft, but it started to burn like fire. Turning to look at the man, his scarf was around my throat as it tightens more like a snake. I tried to scream, but no sounds could form. Without his scarf on I could see his cervical vertebrae, there was no skin, no muscle, no blood, just pale white bones. He glared at me and started to pull on the scarf dragging me towards him.

Passing by the living room, I saw Jennifer laying in the middle of the floor. Her dead fish eyes were looking up at the ceiling as her chest and stomach were resting on the floor. He had twisted her head all the way around…

‘No, I don’t want to die like her or like Kiki! Please, someone, anyone, please help me!’ I cried out in my thoughts. As the scarf tightens and burns more, I was getting closer to the man, before I blacked out… I heard it… The sweet sounds of sirens…

Waking up in a hospital bed, right away I felt the pain. My throat was sore, and it was painful to swallow. A nurse came in to see if I was alright when I tried talking, she stopped me. “Ms., please don’t, your vocal cords are highly damaged. If you speak, you’ll make it worse,” she said lightly, putting her hand on my shoulder she sighed then said she was sorry because my roommates didn’t make it…

After she left, I started to cry… It hurt so much, but I couldn’t stop. Moving my hand slowly to grab a tissue from the nightstand my body fell cold as my neck started to burn.

A piece of red rope was beside the box and hanging over the side. From the dark corner of the room, a man chuckled. “Did you really think you were safe from me? I was just getting started with you!” he laughed maniacally.

  • Puddin Tane

    Sounds good, but needs work. You have issues with punctuation and run on sentences. SLOW DOWN!

  • trixie

    i loved it