Jeremy’s head hurt, he could feel his pulse beating in his head, like his brains were trying to burst out. His eyes were shut tight, his hands balled into fists, and he was sitting down. It was dark all around him, except for a beam of light falling on him from above. The ground he was sitting on was cold, and solid. The air around him damp.

Jeremy opened his eyes, very slowly, because the pain was so intense. Nothing was coming into focus, except for a beam of white. Slowly his vision came back; he was sitting down in a pit, about three feet wide, and four feet long. His feet were pushing against one wall, his back against the other. Jeremy got to his feet.

He looked up the pit, it looked like it was miles long, he was a long ways down. Squinting hard he looked up the shaft of the pit, it was very smooth, there was nowhere he could grab on, and climb to the top of the pit; a sigh escaped his mouth. Jeremy decided he would try anyway, pushing feet on either side of the wall, and trying to balance, and shimmy up. Five feet up he couldn’t keep pressure on the walls, and slid down, landing on his b**t. Sitting down again, he sighed, and looked up.

Something moved, at the mouth of the pit, it was like a black shadow against the brilliant white, he was quite sure of it. Squinting harder, he kept staring up and out, until he saw it again. Someone was out there, walking near the opening, Jeremy stood up.

“Help me! Can anyone hear me? Im stuck down here!! Hey, anybody?!!” Jeremy screamed out for
what seemed like an hour to him, but the shadows moving about never looked down, he never got an answer.

Starting to cry, he sat down in the dank, wet dirt, that was seeming to be his prison.
Jeremy started to freak out, smashing fists against the wall, and flailing all around him. Tears ran down his face, he just wanted out. Jeremy closed his eyes, and sat back down, tears flowing from his beaten face. A whisper came from his mouth, ‘save me’.

Jeremy opened his eyes, he was staring at himself in a mirror, his face black and blue; a red trickle flowed from his nose, down passed his lips, and dripping into the sink. The taste of copper in his mouth, he spat into the sink, a big chunk of purplish red spit came flying out. Jeremy looked up at himself, tears still flowing “I hate you” he said to himself.

Jeremy lowered his head, and fell to his knees. “God, please save me from myself…” he started to pray.