Trapark’s Death Island 2 The Kaiju Trio

Five years ago a young teenage girl and her friends went on a mission to save her brother who was trapped on an island out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Upon succeeding they had to kill an evil demon-like dragon named Trapark. Their names were Arze, Rebbecca, Shawna, Sam, Jeff, and Sarah. Together they slayed Trapark, but the fight was not yet over…

I was walking down a long, and dark road. I hear an evil laughter behind me so I turn around to see what it is only to see that there is nothing there. When I turn back around I see him the dreaded demon me, my brother, and my friends killed so many years ago. He was looming over me with a sinister smile baring his fangs. Next thing I know he changes form into a human-like state. Then he spoke in the same bone chilling voice that he had back then.

“Hello Arze! It is almost time for you to die. My three older brothers will come for you and kill you and your little friends!” he sneered, “And when they come they will torture you until you beg them to kill you, but before that they will force you to watch your friends be mutilated!”

“This can’t be happening! No you’re dead, why are you here?” I scream trying to drown him out.

Then I burst up in my bed screaming. I look around and see that I was back in my apartment that I share with Jeff and our new roommate Jackie. Jeff shoots up to see what was going on.

“Z, You ok?” he whispers hoping that Jackie didn’t wake up from my scream.

“Yeah I’m fine I just had that dream again,” I replied.

“Jeez that’s the fifth time this month Z!” he said trying to keep a whisper going.

“I think I need to contact Sam about this he may know what to do,” I said in return.

I grab my phone off of the nightstand to text my brother Sam.

(Hey Sam I had the dream about you know who again.) Z

Sam (You mean from the Island?)

(Yes. I am talking about him.) Z

Sam (What happened in your dream?)

I tell him about what he said about his older brothers and them going to torture all of us and then slowly kill us.

Sam (Hmm… This makes me curious. I wonder what he could be talking about?)

(If I have another dream I will try and figure out more. Anyway, I have to go ttyl.) Z

About a week later I had another dream. It started out the same but this time I was able to communicate this time, “Trapark! Why do you insist on haunting me in my dreams? We killed you, and yet you say that your brothers will kill us? You were the only one on that terrible island of horror!”

He chuckled and growled in his usual deep voice, “You foolish child, you haven’t even seen half of the island yet! Although you will never get the chance to see it because you will be…”

Trapark was then interrupted by something that showed up out of nowhere, “Ark! You need to stop! This isn’t right!” a small dragon with green eyes and a tiny horn growing out of its head flew right in between us, “I hereby banish you from this human’s dreams!”

Next thing I know Trapark was turned into a shadow and he was gone. Then the tiny dragon turned to me then spoke to me in a softer voice than I expected, “Young Arze are you ok? Sorry for my older brother Ark, he can be an a*s sometimes. Anyway hi! I am Oringus but you can just call me Orin,” he then did a little smile.

I then replied, “Ok hello Orin. Um so your brother Ark he said something about…”

“I know my older triplet brothers Lugatar, Crocicore, and Lunaros. They will be coming for you but with the help of your friends and me we can keep them off of the mainland. They are already on their way so you don’t have much time, but don’t worry I left the island during the last time you had the dream about my brother. The only way I was able to banish him from your dream was by being within 500 miles of you. So I am closer to you than you think. I have to go for now. I will be there within the next 10 hours. Make sure to gather your friends and your brother all at your apartment,” then he left before I could ask him how he knew where I lived.

I woke up and looked at the time on my phone. It was 8 in the morning and I knew what I had to do. I got a hold of everyone in a group chat to meet at my apartment. Seven hours later, everyone arrived and were ready to hear about the lineup of dreams I had within the last month.

“Holy s**t Z! You’re telling us that Trapark’s ghost was in your dreams and his older brothers are coming to kill us?” Shawna panicked, “Oh god… Oh god… Oh god!!”

“Jesus Shawna calm down!” I yelled at her, “Trapark’s younger brother Orin will be here in one hour.”

“Um Z I’m having a hard time trying to put this all together. You’re saying that I demon is coming into our home?” Jackie screamed imagining the devil himself walking through the front door.

“No Jackie, Orin is not a demon, he is… well ok, maybe he is a demon but it’s not like he is Satan himself!” I say trying to calm her down not really succeeding.

We hear a swoosh and a roar happen right over the roof of the apartment then soon after there was a loud crash in the back lawn. We ran out to come face to face with the tiny dragon Orin from dream from last night. He spoke to us telling us about the three older brothers plan to kill us so we had to come up with a plan of our own.

“I feel like we should come up with a name for Orin’s brothers,” Sam says looking over at me.

Orin looks at us, “They already have a name they call themselves the Kaiju Trio.”

“Well it settled on their name now we need a name of our own. How about The Death Island Rebels!” Sam says excitedly.

“Ok Team T.D.I.R. look like operation Anti-Kaiju Trio is a go let gear up!” I ordered.

I grabbed my hatchet and Jeff’s dagger out from under our bed, while everyone else went to grab their guns from their vehicles then came back to the backyard.

Orin then spoke some sad words, “In order for you to kill my brothers, you will need to use some of my blood to cover your weapons and bullets. Arze I need you to grab something to collect blood. It’s the only way.”

I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a large mixing bowl. As soon as I brought it, Orin scratched himself causing himself to bleed into the bowl. Later in the evening we started to soak our weapons in Orin’s blood until it started to glow and the blood disappeared into a mist.

“Ok, they should be ready to kill soon. I just need to chant to make them fully ready,” Orin turned into a human form and started to chant in a demonic language that none of us could even figure out. Then the bullets and weapons started to float and glow brighter as his chanting went on.

As soon as he was done chanting we all grabbed our stuff and went to get ready for the arrival of his only remaining brothers who were out for blood. It took about three hours until we were able to see their figures soaring in the distance.

“The one that looks like a bat is Lunaros. He is the kaiju of the sky and the night. Crocicore is the kaiju of the sea and his name means toxic croc. And finally there is Lugatar the kaiju of the land. He is the ringleader of the trio so beware,” Orin explained before they touched ground.

Orin then ignited himself in flames and took to the skies getting ready for the fight about to happen. I could feel deep down in my heart that there will be more death this time than when we fought Trapark, because this time it was three giant kaijus vs seven humans and a dragon the size of a small truck. Sam climbs up on the roof and starts to set up a sniper spot. Shawna and Rebbecca went and camped out behind a car getting ready for Orin’s signal, while me and Jeff walked up about five yards towards the threat. Next thing we know we hear what sounds like three bombs falling and a crash, then a huge gust of wind blows me backwards into Jeff’s arms.

The first thing we see is a giant dust cloud I see them. Three pairs of red beady eyes looking for blood. I raise my hatchet and Jeff raises his dagger prepared to kill with them knowing that we may fail in the process.

Orin yells out to his brothers while turning into a flaming demon-like humanoid form, “Let’s make this a fair fight you m***********s!!”

The trio answers in sync with each other in the creepiest and dark voice that you will ever hear, “Oh you think that you will be able to beat us in a human-like form? Ha! You fool if that’s what you want then that is what you will get!” The next thing we know they merge into one beast then into a half human-like state, but their form made a twist where they had a large abdomen and a giant pair of wings. Their eyes still took on the bloodthirsty glare then they grew horns about three feet long and a bunch of spikes appeared on the back leading down to a thin long tail that came out to a sharp point representing a sword. In each hand a long blade formed so that the newly merged trio was over offensive and defensive, “Say hello to Omega Lunataros! Now you will all die!”

We all stare in awe as the large new creature standing a total of 11 feet tall. Sam hidden up behind took aim and shot Lunataror near the heart. He flinched at the sudden piercing bullet that struck him the shoulder, he then looked up towards Sam and took a shot back at him. Sam got hit right in between the eyes killing him. I look over to the roof of the house and see that Sam’s brains all over the place. I scream crying knowing that the one person I was trying to protect the most was just murdered by a demon that I wanted out of my life. I turned back to Lunataros and ordered everyone to repeatedly shoot him. Next thing I know Shawna and Rebbecca suffered the same fate as Sam leaving only me, Jeff, Jackie, and Orin alive. Orin then shot a repeated fire blast at his merged brothers causing them to fall to their knees weak for they could not take the firepower of another demon that was hundreds of years younger than them. I charge at them with my hatchet for a final blow but then I get knocked back and cut by one of their blades. Orin then runs up and transforms back into his natural form and mauls his brothers down to nothing, he then turns back to his human form and he runs along with Jeff to my aid. Whatever happened next I had no memory of. A week later I woke up in a hospital with one of my arms wrapped in cast and sling. Jeff and Orin were there by my bedside waiting for me to wake up. I look over at Jeff, and I slowly start to sit up so that he may hug me.

“Z! You had me worried!” he started to cry on my shoulder as I hugged him back.

“What happened?” I ask when he let go of me.

“We beat them Z! We beat the trio and lost our friends and…” he started.

“Sam…” I looked down at my hands, “The one person I was trying to protect the most from going out of my life again…” I start sobbing remembering seeing his head explode right in front of me.

Orin looks at me, “Z, your brother is not gone completely. There is a way to bring him back but I need to take his remains back to the Island with me in order for it to work.”

“Do it! I want nothing more but to have my brother back!” I start to smile as I wipe a tear away from my face.

Orin left right away to get to work on bringing him back. Two days later I was released from the hospital. My life was not the same anymore knowing that I was a target of a demons older brothers. Although I made it out of that fight alive I would never be the same mentally.

One year later Orin had returned with my brother on his back ready to be returned to me. Sam runs into my apartment and hugs me crying telling me about his rebirth and the path to his memory that he had to regain. After that I knew it was all over there was no more need to be afraid of monsters. I finally had my brother back, Jeff became my husband and Jackie moved out to go after her dream job, and Orin stuck around to become our personal protection, and best friend.

The end.

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