Tragedy of Layla

I remember my mom used to tell me the story. I never believed her. She always told me, “Watch out for Layla,” but now I believe her.

I was at my friend’s house and we were in her pool, swimming. My mom was there. She told me again, “Watch out for Layla.” My friends had asked me what she meant. So I told them.

It was a story that consisted of a brown-eyed beauty, named Layla. She was 25 and had black silky hair. Layla had been working as a marine biologist. Everyday she had worked with a common fear: sharks.

One day, Layla was inside the lab. Her partners were observing from behind the safety of a large, glass window. Layla was watching the large great white shark. It was swimming in a pool they had for it. It had never tasted human flesh, until that day.

Layla had gotten too close to the edge.

She fell in. The shark sensed the splash and started toward her. Layla swam and yelled for help. Her partners did what they thought they had to. They gassed the room.

Layla began to cough and choke, but then pain filled her bottom half as the shark bit into her. She let out a scream and the room was covered in gas. Her partners went to the glass window to see if the shark was dead. But a human hand hit the glass. Then a lifeless face appeared.

Sharp rows of teeth, lifeless eyes. Silky black hair. Layla was mutated with the shark. It’s said that the glass broke and Layla ate everyone there, even if she still looked human. Fingers and toes all together by gray skin.

Her mouth turned into a sadistic grin filled with sharp murderous teeth. Her eyes lifeless and black. A fin protruding from her back along with a tail. Now it’s said that Layla wanders through fresh water, and pipes. She makes her way through it into the closest source of water.

She even goes into pools, where she hears splashes. She can’t go into the ocean because of her human aspects, but she goes into pools to find the satisfaction of biting into flesh. She’s never seen, only seen by the victim. Stay in the pool too long… and you will be her next victim.

My friends looked around, terrified. “Why would you tell us that in a pool?!” one of my friends whined.

“You guys asked!” I replied.

Abby, my best friend, had laughed, “We did ask her. Besides it’s just a story her mom made to have her get out of the pool sooner than later!” Abby smiled.

But then out of the blue, she was pulled under. We looked in horror as she came up screaming. The adults got up and yelled for us to come out. I didn’t know why until it registered. The pool was turning red.

I went under to try and save Abby, but I was met with a pair of black, lifeless eyes. I was horrified and couldn’t move. The face moved closer and I could see the bloody teeth. The silky black hair. It was her. Layla.

I don’t know why still to this day, but she took the rest of Abby’s body and went away. I don’t know where. Why did she spare me? Why did she have to take Abby? I don’t go near water.

But one thing always comes back to me. Those lifeless black eyes. If I had just had gotten out soon and told them to get out with me, maybe Abby would still be here. Or maybe those black lifeless eyes wouldn’t haunt me.

  • Layla Biersack

    Well, my name is also layla. And I have brown eyes and black hair

  • Brandon Barrett

    Wait how did she mutate

  • Angela

    Layla is a fowl beast. She sits beside me right this very moment. Her shadowed eyes full of opaque darkness will follow us eternally…

  • AnBathory

    Nice lmao thats what she gets for being cocky

  • Jaime Deane Motter

    Great story