Took Him

So this is a little information to not keep anyone confused about the story. My mother passed away in an accident and yet she haunted us all with dreams and more, this one stuck to me the most.

It was around mid June when we buried her body, said our prayers and went our own ways, I went home with my step-dad and brother, we stayed at my uncle’s flat for the time we were away and my grandparents from my step-dad’s side lived a couple of buildings away.

It was my grandma and grandad that lived together in their apartment, they slept in separate rooms though. My grandad, he wasn’t much of a thinker, he didn’t believe in anything nor really gave a care about it, he just lived day after day with a bit of vodka and a pack of cigarettes, weird dreams never taunted him and neither did anything besides my grandma’s voice when he left a mess in the kitchen.

One night, a couple or so days after the funeral my grandad had a dream, it was of my mom, the setting was dark, there were black brick walls all around, it seemed like some house, everything was nice and neat besides the one wall to his right was that was half way knocked down and then he sees her, walking around with a man in a suit, holding a clipboard, as in she was looking around this house to buy it, they kept mumbling stuff to each other whilst looking around the house and then she looks at him, whilst the man’s head is down and she tell him,

“I’ll come back for you.”

And everything ended, my grandad told my step-dad and my step-dad told me, we all found it weird yet found nothing of it until a couple of months after, we got a call…

“Honey, your grandad has died…”