Tinder Match

I am here to alert you about strangers, yeah, you may laugh and think, “My parents told me not to talk to strangers, I don’t need to listen to this creep,” well smart glasses, I will tell you something that has and is happening to me. I’ll try to keep it short.

I was on tinder and got a match, her name was Rachel, she was the beautiest redhead I’ve ever seen, we talked for hours, took contacts and all that.

One day, after a month or so talking (yeah I’m a slowpoke, judge me!) we finally arranged a meet, the day came and I went to the shopping to wait for her.

She was late half an hour, we joked, talked, watch a movie, it was all okay, but something was off: she talked in a different way, some times asked questions about me that I already told her, and things like this.

It was odd but could be that she just forgot or something like this. We went to my apartment the end of the day and things was in course, she went to the bathroom and I got to the couch, took up my phone and saw some messages from Rachel, she text me the whole day! I didn’t see her take the phone even once!

“Must be someone who took her phone in home,” I took a look in the texts, it was Rachel saying she could not go to the shopping with me, she was sick and had to stay in bed, I texted whoever was that it wasn’t funny, that she was with me the whole day, she replied in the same time, “How the hell would I be with you man? I’m home! Turn the TV on in the news channel.”

She then send me a pic of her in front of the TV, I turned mine on and it was the same report.

In the mean time I heard the other Rachel in the bathroom saying to me, “You treated me so well today that I am going to make special treatment only for you! It will be so good you’ll feel like dying!” I ran out of the apartment and call the cops, when they got there they said there was no one in there, and the only thing that was in the bathroom was a heart made from lipstick in the mirror, later that night I was going to take a shower, what happened was so weird that I decided to clean the mirror after the bath, it was just a heart drawn after all and I could clean it later. But there was something else in the mirror, I have seen it only because of the steam, it read like this.

“U broke my S2, now I have to rip out yours.”

I’m moving to another city now, got many trust issues and a lot of anxiety. You may not believe, even I would think it is just a story.

But just to be sure, watch your back.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Hey, man, creepy idea. It definitely wasn’t unoriginal by any means. However, the grammar and punctuation need work. Most importantly, work on comma splices. By this, I mean, separate two complete sentences with a period, not with a comma. Also, I’m not sure what you meant by S2 at the ending… All and all though, interesting idea.

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  • Theresa

    Could not finish this. Spelling and grammar is extremely important. You should edit and try this again. Looks like it could be good.