These Bloodstains be Gucci

It was just an ordinary day for Trey Freeman. He was a 17yr old hypebeast, wearing Supreme, Gucci and stuff like that. He was on his way to his high school and couldn’t believe his eyes. A new classmate, and he was a hypebeast too! Oh, but Trey didn’t like that. Another hypebeast is just despicable. He’s the one with the Gucci sweats! Not whoever that kid was. But staring at the new kid just made him feel worse: that kid wore the latest yeezys accompanied by a supreme hoodie. And… what’s that? A Gucci belt!? How dare he!!! Stealing all that wow factor from Trey. Trey grew angry and jealous. No one cared about Trey’s gucci sweats from last year; they cared about the new kid. “Oh where’d you get that?” “How much did cost?” “Wow dude you must be so rich!” Trey hated that these questions weren’t meant for him so he took matters into his own hands. If he couldn’t own the latest yeezys why should anyone else?

It was Friday of that same week. The day was over and people started walking out, heading home. Trey decided to follow the new fellow hypebeast home. The kid never realized. Thank God. The kid was walking up the stairs heading up to his room and he heard a window smash. It was Trey. He screamed. “Yo dude what the f**k! Who are you!? I’m calling the cops!” said the poor kid. “You ain’t calling anybody.” Trey took out a gun and pointed it at the hypebeast. “What do you want, man!?” yelled the hypebeast in desperation and fear. “Everything! You see, fam… It’s not fair I work my a*s off for these supreme hoodies and you don’t do nun! Your parents just give this s**t to you! And I aint havin nun of that…” Trey did it. He pulled the trigger. He really killed the hypebeast…

It’s Monday. Trey walks in and everyone screams. What is he wearing? What’s that… smell? God, it’s awful. “Ayo Trey…! Bro what the f**k happened to your sweatshirt!?” said one of his homies. “Oh this? These bloodstains be Gucci.”

  • fr isn’t this more of a troll pasta.

    • Alissa Isley

      That’s grammatically incorrect but yeah i guess =x

  • Caroline

    Beautiful work

  • Aron Paul

    This is not creepy or something but its original

  • teresa robinson

    I guess I don’t understand this because I’m not 16…. trollpasta for sure

  • Burlierbard

    That was awful. 1 out of 5 stars.

  • DearChibr

    I love this song much,,,, My favourite story,,,