The Wrong One

I wish that I could remember how long I’ve been walking but I can’t. I’m not even sure why I can’t remember but I know there are a few different possibilities. It could be that I’ve just been walking that long. It could be from the heat, sun, or dehydration. It could be something much worse. I suppose it doesn’t really matter as long as I can find someone to help.

I walk crossing my arms pressed just above my chest as if trying to protect myself. I’m not. I am much more concerned with keeping my special gift inside safe. Boy or girl I am still unsure it doesn’t matter. It is mine and I already love it more than the world itself. As long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a mom. Some little girls want to grow up to be doctors, teachers, actors. I just wanted to be a mom. Have a family of my own. An actual real functioning family.

I look around and all I can see is dry dirt and the sun. I keep walking and walking for what feels like an eternity. Finally I see something other than dry dirt and sun. At first I can’t believe it, I swear I can see two houses sitting across from each other half a mile down the road. I start to pick up the pace about and before I know it I am running. I reach the two houses in no time and I can not express how happy I am. I am beyond tired, my thoart dryer as can be, my child and I both starving. Most importantly I can get help home.

I look to the house on my right and it doesn’t appear anyone is there. I turn to the house on the left and can hear old fashioned music so I know that’s my best bet. I walk up to the house hoping I don’t look too crazy and knock. A kind looking woman looked to be in her mid 40’s answer. I explain to her my car broke down and I’ve been walking former trying to find help. That I am pregnant and just want to get home. She has a very warm yet sad smile. I don’t think too much of it I fully understand how life can be. She leads me to her kitchen and gives me some milk and cookies. She leaves the room telling me she is going to call for a ride for me.

I sit there for five minutes, then ten; I know I shouldn’t but my curiosity gets the better of me. I leave the table to find the woman and stop in front of a closed door that I can see light shinning through. I go to open the door when I can hear the woman talking. It doesn’t sound like she’s talking to anyone about a ride. I open the door just enough to peak in. She’s sitting in front of well I don’t know what. I awesome it must be a person but the color is an odd grey is pink. It has bubbles and craters everywhere. There is something wrong with it. I hear the woman say “you’re really going to like this one baby. She’s very cute.” I knew that second that they were going to kill me.

I dared not hesitate,  I flew out of that house as fast I could; straight across the street flew the door open ran inside slammed it shut and locked it.

I turned around to see a little old woman who appeared to be bill watching a movie about a witch. I screamed at her begged and pleaded for the woman to help. That the people across the street would kill me. She just kept talking about the movie that was playing. The towns people had tied the witch up and was burning her alive. The woman just kept uttering about how it wasn’t the girls fault. They made her that way. I ran into the kitchen to look for a phone. On the stove looked to be ham soup with a bone sticking out. I ran back to the living room once again begging to plea once again. The old woman was still wanting about her movie. I leaned over her to look out the window that’s when my arm was hit with pain. I looked down and that little old woman was bitting me! She tore herself away pulling blood, skin and even some muscle with her. As she chewed I realized the people across the street never meant me harm. If they drove people to this bitchs house she wouldn’t eat them. I looked at the woman in terror she grabbed my arm again and asked “are you going to wake up before I can finish eating you?”

I woke up with my heart pounding. Now I have heard that what happens to you in your dreams can really happen in real life. I have also heard that the fear of something can give you the false sensation of a feeling. I am honestly too afraid to look under the covers to see which is true and the cause of the pain in my arm.

  • EeveeArcanine

    not scary but very entertaining none the less