The Wither Man

I live in a small town just beyond the trees, daylight fades into night; just like it does everywhere else. Sightings of a man gray, and silent, he hides behind the tombstones of our oldest cemetary. At first glance this man seemed fine, but as he withered away in the dusk; a feeling of discomfort crawled up my spine. My curiosity led me to accounts of consistent deaths of civilians in our towns obituaries, I realized one structure housed these individuals, it claimed that they all died of a heart attack due to “natural causes”, yet I sat there suspicious.

I dug through old newspapers , patiently waiting to find a connection between the man who withered, and the house of many deaths. Finally I saw the man in an old photograph, but he bore skin that was lively, and held a strange box in his hands. As I read the front page, it described that a man named Giddeon Carmine, purchased a brick house, and was set on living a normal life. Until he encountered an oak box that read ”Those who possess this case of evil, will wither away for eternity”. The man had ignored the inscripted warning, thinking that it was a practical joke of some sort.

He sat it on his desk, peering at the bronze latch that held it shut, he opens the case. He then fell into a coma, as the civilians put it, but an evil had entered his soul. Giddeon could not eat, and sleep was thing he never found. A woman named Claresse Mclellen took care of him through out the day, but one day after his skin began to appear gray, and peeling. He snapped at Claresse, several heard her screams, the cops had arrived, and before he knew it; police opened fire on him. He was declared dead that afternoon at dusk, they laid him in an unkept grave, marking the inscription “The Man who withered away”. The house was put on the market, and the unexplained deaths followed ever since.

I sat the article down with a look of shock on my face, a knock sounds from my door, I open it up to see his headstone on my porch, the inscriptions tampered with. Only the words The Wither man remain, has he realized my suspicions? I slam the door, and lock it in fear. I sit in my desk chair in fright, creaking sounds emanate from the hallway. The room is dark now, the sounds grow ever the more intense, I see him, his skin hangs translucent and torn from his bones.

He looks at me, and says, “Come child, join my suffrage, and simply wither away,” he said this sentence calmly, trying to lure me in. I was frozen with fear, even if I wanted to speak, no words would emanate. The room grew silent, his horrifying grimace, peered 2 feet away.

“Come child” he screeched, this time dragging me with him. I pulled, screamed, and struggled. It became dark now, a pain in my chest grew evident, as I slowly drifted into the dark, and withered away.

  • Rose Morrison

    Quite short, appears very rushed, and badly needs an edit. Some sentences do not make sense with the contained errors. The storyline and plotline are good, but need expansion to not appear so rushed, and engage the reader more. I look forward to more from you.

    • Zeo

      Grammar was pretty good. It didn’t have any serious mistake like we couldn’t understand it. Please stop going on every stories and accusing them to fix their grammars. Make your own high grammatical (with no spelling error) stories if you want -_-

      • Rose Morrison

        Ok, I apologise to you for my trying to make a difference on here. I will no longer bother. I will allow authors to continually perpetuate their mistakes, making their work appear poor, and lessening their chances of being discovered and published, and not enabling them, via constructive criticism, to learn and better their work. Like yourself. Please may I ask what “going on every stories” means, and what “accusing them to fix their grammars” means? If you are going to criticise someone so very rudely, then please get your own house in order first. Also, there WAS one error in the piece that was not understandable, “bore skin that was lively”, I have no idea what is meant by that.

        • Zeo

          So, you plan to understand every single little meaning of a story? Understanding the story is the main thing here and you can ask the author to fix their grammar too; only if it has a serious problem. The story was understandable, no serious mistakes. So, please stop the continuation of “accusing” almost every author out there just because of some pesky mistakes in spelling and grammar. Go make your own creepypasta story -.-

          • Rose Morrison

            Just stop.

          • Zeo

            Well sorry. Do whatever you want…

  • Valindrisa

    Interesting story

  • Jesus Gonzalez

    You don’t have to be an actor to know that Charlie Saint Cloud is trash.

    You dont need to be a cook to know McDonalds is watered down food.

    You don’t need to be a thief to know what a bank robbery is.

    Zeo, Morrison was being constructive. I’m giving you examples as to why being a storyteller doesn’t change the fact that it needs work.

    Not trashing on this piece, but I can tell you it’s rushed.

    • Rose Morrison

      Thank you very much for your comment. I am tired of being trolled by Zeo. It is great to have your support. Much appreciated.

  • EndlessXistencE

    I would rather someone tell me what is wrong with a story I wrote than have them ignore the issue. If there is something wrong with a story and you do not fix it, ratings will be low. If ratings are low, you lose credibility as an author. If you lose credibility as an author, nobody will read your future stories.

  • EndlessXistencE

    That being said, I agree with the previous comment. It was a bit rushed and had a few grammatical errors. Put a little more thought in the details and stretch it out a bit. Make sure you proofread and make sure what you are typing will be understood by the reader. I like the story, it has potential.