The Window

In 1973, a young boy named David Namikaze, lived with his Mother, Sister, Father, and dog Rinnegan. David was 12, an age old enough to get over the fear of the typical “monster in my closet” type fear. David was brave and stubborn much like his father, Daniel. At school David was very smart, easily passing every pop quiz that was thrown at him, and getting an A+ on every assignment. He even would make an extra buck or 2 for doing the dumb bullies’ homework. He had a reputation of being a nerd, geek, and school lover. At home David lived your average life. Respectful to his parents, never broke rules, always listened to his parents, kept his room straight, and was never mean to his little sister, Sakura. He actually adored her and would never let anyone harm her. Soon his average home life, would suddenly take a dark turn.

On January 23rd 1973 David did his normal routine. Went to school, came home, did homework, and played Nintendo. He went to bed around 9:00 and tried to go to sleep. He struggled to fall asleep because there was a giant storm with thunder and lightning happening every 3 seconds. He realized going to sleep was not an option at the time and he decided to face the window and hope that watching the raindrops slowly fall down his window and watch the lightning strike would tire him out. He had started to get bored and decide to try to fall asleep, which he did.

Around 3:15 he awoke to the booming sound of the thunder following the clashing sound of lightning striking something outside. He faced the opposite side of the window, seeing the reflection of everything outside his window. He was watching the reflection as his heart crumbled into bits and fell out of his stomaches as he saw the outline of a person peek into his window. The person started tapping on the window and saying things like “I see you,” “Come over here.” David’s heart was pounding but on the outside he kept cool and pretended to be asleep, which David thought worked. Not even a minute later he heard the front door open, and heard a heavy pair of footsteps approach him. Every step got closer and closer to him… until… he saw a pair of all black boots standing outside his door…

  • Samantha Putnam

    There were no Nintendo home video game consoles in 1973. Nintendo video games weren’t even in arcades until 1975.

  • KillerF999

    Well, this is a good story but the ending is a bit confusing and also it isn’t satisfying………improvements can be made.

  • Burlierbard

    Time lines wrong. Maybe check facts before posting. And I think a part 2 would be nice or a twist ending.

  • Lucas Myers

    Boring and bleek. 75% of this story is telling us how he lives and the ending/actual creep factor was lame and uninteresting

  • Korra Thunderstrom

    I didn’t know that Naruto’s uncle (relative) is a “horror story” star

  • Korra Thunderstrom

    Ummm excuse me but… Where’s the horror

    I want things that make my hairs stand

  • Ellie Holt

    Relatively boring, very stereotypical, not very creative.