The Window Watcher

When we first moved it was nice and calm. I got a bigger bedroom and closet, and more yard space.

My brother Tim was only four and always had imaginary friends. He once told me of one imaginary friend who watched him through windows! I was beyond creeped out so I asked jokingly;

“What’s he look like?” He said he was pale white with dark empty eyes and a long unnatural smirk. I turned pale as he told me this, for I often doodled without looking and always drew that thing!

So one night as my mom was tucking him in for the night he smiled and my mother asked, “What’s so funny?”

He said, “He’s looking and smiling again.”

I slept with her that night. While I was drifting off to sleep I heard a low-pitched groaning like sound. I looked at the window and there it was.

I screamed as it began laughing but its pale boney hand covered my mouth. As it looked down on me it put its pale boney white finger to its lips as if to say shhhhhhhhhhh.

I was paralyzed as I watched it tear through my mother as if she was a napkin easy to rip. I woke up the next morning under my mother’s bed bloody. I slowly knew the truth that monster was me my inner soul ripping out…



And soon Tim will be too…