The Wild and Tasty

I was born and raised in the Almost Heaven, West Virginia. I’m advising you take note on that almost part. I am not what I once was and I’ll never be able to change back. My story starts back when I was sixteen years of age. I still had a choice to if I could roam the plentiful woods then and I enjoyed when I could. I was in love and was since I finally found that person that was the puzzle piece to all of my wonderful fantasies of love. She was definitely something. She didn’t end up like me at least. Our first date was the great kick off to our relationship. She went skating. I couldn’t and can’t skate. There sadly wasn’t that many dates after that. We just talked and on occasion hanged out. We definitely loved each other is what got me. There were two times that we were talking that each of us got lost in the lush woods we have here in West Virginia. She had to be saved by her uncle due to being run up a tree after being found starting a fire for the uncle to find her. They seemed like coyotes, but we knew better. I was lucky with my time. I eventually came out onto the road and could run back home. I had to run. I was also being chased by some pack of things that at the time we just agreed to be coyotes. There is definitely a lot of life in the woods here.

Near Halloween that year, we had to split up. She wanted to still explore while young. We knew where exploring took us too, but she didn’t listen. The pack of beings started showing up more now that we were separate. People one by one were going missing and we couldn’t understand how coyotes could work that fast. People blamed the many coyotes we had around for the missing people, but yet we grew to know better, plus there were no remains left anywhere yet to be found. Yes, I said yet. Her mother went missing. The love she had for her mother was too great to not go searching for her.

The ex and I set it up and we went searching in her area one night for her mother. We couldn’t find anything until we came across a cave that we knew about being one of the many historical Native American caves that we people just agreed to leave be. Any other time, we would had went along, but something was telling me otherwise to go inside. There was something that wasn’t always in there this time, human bones and skulls. We quickly left for we knew no coyote could clean them off as good as they were. As we was quickly heading back to her home, we ran into a pack of what they really were. We have never ran as much as we did that night. Somehow we made it to her home. I still believe they let us make it home. We stayed around each other for days and days armed with some of my physical weapons.

Everything seemingly calmed down. I decided that is was finally time for me to go home. I waited until the sun was fully out and walked home. Along the way, I got approached by two in the local pack. I didn’t feel threatened this time. I discovered they could clearly speak that day too. They asked me to join them and of course I refused. I didn’t want to become some horrific human-like monster that killed and ate other humans. They unexpectedly let me go too. I went on home confused. It was soon after that day that the amount of people who went missing rose greatly in numbers. My ex and I were left alone after too. I just couldn’t understand why they chose and wanted me. We were no hunters and knew we would lose battling against these beings, so we couldn’t do anything.

The law enforcement nearby took us as joking too. People like to claim they are so open-minded, but in reality most of those people are really more close-minded. One night after I went on a date with her, they approached me again. I felt threatened this time. I knew they weren’t taking no as an answer plus they did finally threaten to harm her. I had no other choice or her and I had been eaten. I turned quickly but was of another color. My fur was of a sleek silver and my horns were as massive as a showy crown. They wanted a new leader. For the longest time I disagreed in hope that there was a way I could return to her. I knew better, but one day I decided to try to contact her. I was eighteen in human years. I should had listened to those in my pack too. We can only have control around humans when we were allowed. I couldn’t control myself. I ate her and you know in what way here. I lost it after too. I finally accepted what I became. I became the leader of the wendigoes here in West Virginia. The someone who is writing for me will only be allowed to live as long as they continue to tell our stories. You can just call me Madness. I was once a writer myself.