The Whisper

A man and his wife moved into a house out in the woods. They wanted to get away from the city life and live where it was quite and peaceful. The man began to unpack the car as his wife unpacked the boxes in the new house.

First was the kitchen wares then was the living room and next the dining room along with the bathroom and last the bedroom. It took two days to finish moving into the new house and they were finally able to go and buy the furniture they needed. After everything was set up and finished the wife made dinner.

The husband and wife were sitting at the dining room table enjoying the meal when the heard a small faint noise. They both looked at each other with confused look on their faces. The faint noise came back but this time sounding like a voice. It was a voice they couldn’t make out. Suddenly the noise came back and it was a voice and that of a child whispering.

The couple couldn’t figure where it was coming from. The wife with a frightened look on her face walked over to her husband’s side and grabbed on to his arm. “I died” was whispered into the husband’s ear. He pushed his chair back and stood up looking around figuring where the voice came from.

“Honey what is going on,” the wife said to her husband while looking from one end of the dining room to the next.

“Basement… fireplace… I died.” This time the voice was a little louder and both the husband and wife heard it.

“Honey, I don’t know what’s going on but I need to check and see. I am going to the basement to see if anything is down there.”

The man knew it was probably stupid but he had a feeling that something was down there that needed to be found. The wife went outside to sit in the cool night while the husband went into the basement.

“Yes… basement…  died,” over and over the whisper kept saying and over and over the man feared the worst.

He got to the bottom of the steps and looked around but seen no fireplace or even a furnace. He walked around the brick wall outlining it with his hand as he walked when something caught his eye. A small hand print the size of a child on the wall. He investigated the print and wiped part with his index finger. He smelled it and it smelt of rot. He didn’t know what this gooey liquid was but he is assured it was the child that was whispering to him.

After further investigation he realized the bricks easily moved. He began to pull them out one by one till a small hole was revealed and inside was a furnace. He opened the door and what was inside made the man get up and start running. He called 911 and ran outside. Soon the police came and took questions and asked what was going on and the man told the officers everything.

They went to the basement and looked into the furnace and seen the mangled remains of the top half of a little boy. The officers told the man and his wife that this child has been missing for over a week now and this was the house he lived in. They have been searching but couldn’t find him and the mother gave up and left. The officers handled the body and gathered the evidence and left the man and his wife alone. They left the next day to move back to the city leaving everything behind including the whisper.

  • Rose Morrison

    An interesting story, but very short. Poor spelling, grammar and punctuation, which needs editing out. The ending has an air of unbelievability about it, as in the child was missing for just over a week, that’s time for 1 family to move out, sell a house and a new family move in?? I think you need to revamp the timeline there. With expansion this could be really good. I hope to see more from you.

    • Creepyguy999

      Yeah. This was my first story on here. It was more of a make a quick story to see how this all works for future stories. I appreciate the feedback.

  • Swotsy

    This story lacks…. Character. An emotional investment in these characters was near impossible.

    • Creepyguy999

      As said to the guy that commented just Abit ago this was a short, quick story to see how the site work more or less. I would like to take this story and revamp it more and make an actual, better story out of it.

  • Rukhir

    If the boy has been missing for a week, how has another family already moved in to his home? It was okay apart from that.

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    Maybe they weren’t real cops and they’re covering up that they’re part of some ritual group and were gonna kill the wife and husband next but they found the boy and ran before they got dead! And then a skELETON POpped oUt!