The Weeping Woman of the C&O Canal

The C&O canal stretches across the country, from the Chesapeake Bay to Ohio. But we’re not here for a history lesson. There is a particular part of this wooded trail that runs along the Potomac river in Point Of Rocks, a small town in Maryland. Approximately two miles down this trail, away from the parking areas and the tourist spots, stands a house. A long forgotten house that was once used to house the person that monitored the imports and exports of goods brought in by small boats that were once pulled along the canal by wagons.

There are several of these houses along the canal. They were called “Lock houses” and each had a number. This one was called “Lock 28”. You also have to take yourself back in time and remember that these were not easy days. There were homeless renegades that were called “hobos”. These hobos would wander from town to town and hop the trains that also ran along the canal in these parts of the country.

One night in particular, many years ago, a hungry hobo knocked upon the front door of Lock 28 begging for food. He was greeted by the Lock keeper’s wife, who was a rather nasty old woman. She told him that she had nothing for him and that he should “get lost, or else”. Many say she also hit him with a broom. This infuriated the hobo and later that night he decided to exact some revenge on the nasty old woman.

He waited until the middle of the night when everyone inside was sure to be asleep and he snuck in the rear door of the house. He had no idea that the house was actually a duplex, and that a young family lived in the back part of the house. It was dark and he was furious. He found the young couple in bed and slit their throats. He then found their peacefully sleeping little girl. He was so angry still, that he grabbed her up by her small feet and swung her against the wall, killing her instantly. However, there was also a young boy that hid behind the curtains as all this took place. The hobo did not see him and left, feeling as though he had gotten his revenge.

At daylight, the young boy, dazed and in shock, wandered down the towpath by himself until he was found by locals. However the story does not end there. Over the years many people walking the canal, fishing, biking etc have reported seeing a young woman, with her throat slit, wandering the towpath on the canal. They hear her crying out for her little boy who is lost to her. Many say they see her at twilight, right when it begins to get dark.

The canal and the towpath are both still there. The house is as well. You can even rent it out and stay in it. Do any of you have the nerve to walk the towpath in Point of Rocks at night? Or how about a lovely stay in Lock 28? Who knows, you might just encounter the weeping woman of the C&O canal…

P.S: If you are interested in staying here at Lock #28, just Google “Rent out Lock #28 in Point of Rocks, MD and enjoy your stay 🙂

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    I enjoyed it 🙂