The Voices

The voices I hear, they are evil… The people I see, they do not understand.

I looked around the empty room, my arms tied closely together. Nothing was in there except for the white walls covering each and every wall. I then heard a voice in my head speaking to me, “This people will suffer one day when we rule the world.” I became shocked, I started to panic and shouted at the top of my lungs. The voice was gone… I knocked my head on the wall several times before losing conscious.

I woke up, cold floor made me shrivel. The voice then came back again, telling me a house address and a name..

All of this seemed so familiar to me to the point that it all made sense and I remembered everything.

It was Jun something 1992, I was a wanted man. I was known as Norman. I was known for my several acts of cold blood murder, kidnapping and r****g young girls. I did it because the voices told me to, I didn’t have control of myself.

It was a chilly night, a curfew was declared by authorities to stay inside during night time. I was humming a song, I was limping down the park… Holding my knife filled with blood and feces. On my other hand, holding a kidney that is half eaten.

Walking slowly, I saw a little girl. The girl was walking fast down the path as she might be afraid. I look at the young girl and walked faster. I cut through the forest and got to the other end of the path and waited patiently behind a bush.

At the corner of my eye, I saw her… What a beautiful young girl. I jumped out of the bush, the girl screamed and tried to run…

I chased after the girl and finally got hold of her. I took my knife and slit her throat. She fell to the ground.

I ran through the night and was never found. The next day, news was spread, “YOUNG GIRL DIED AT JAMES AVENUE”

I smirked when I read the news paper.

I heard a knock on the door, opened it and I was greeted by a baseball bat to my skull. I fainted.

I woke up and found myself in an empty room. The voice spoke to me again, “Good job buddy, now its their turn to suffer.”

During the period of remembering, I fainted. I opened my eyes a bit and saw a man dressed in white together with two guards behind him. The man dressed in white was checking on me. It was my time to escape, I grabbed the fella and bit his neck. The two guards tried to shoot but little did they know, I could take bullets. I sprung up and grab one of the guards arm and pulled it out. Using the disconnected arm, I swinged it to the other guard and continued to feast of him after. I had a full meal.

I saw a key on the guards belt, took it and escaped the facility. Now, the voice in my head has been my friend ever since, I am still wanted till today. So watch out for me…