The Unkillables: Part 2

Three pops go off, killing one of the goons with one shot to the neck and the other dies with two shots to the chest. Jacob had just shot his pistol at another human being for the first time, Mary Ann saw it in his eyes how he did it, it was soul-shattering, he took away human lives for the person he loves. Matias calls out for his men to return fire but forgot about the old man. Cody crawled out-of-the-way to release himself from the bonds. Jacob and Mary Ann furiously rushed into the house and bombarded the door with furniture. They flipped over the coffee table in front of the large living room window as they were shot at.

“The gun safe!” Jacob yelled at, he noticed he never closed it after he pulled his Makarova out of there, and in that safe was a Winchester Model 25 12 gauge shotgun, a Remington Model 870 and a couple small pistols. “Grab the guns, I’ll keep firing.” Jacob yelled to Mary Ann. She looked to him, not realizing all hell that has been broken loose and then snapped out of it, and ran to the safe, avoiding the line of fire. Jacob shot multiple times at the men until they began overwhelming him with all of their guns blazing at him. Mary Ann grabbed the Remington 870 and loaded it full, although she doesn’t like loading a gun, let alone touch one, she knows how, and during the time of need, she can do so fast. She tossed the gun to Jacob after alerting him and he knew, he has something above their pistols and small shotguns.

“Come out now, we can fix things!” Matias yelled out, interrupting Jacob caressing his gun. Out of rage, thinking of how they thought of taking Mary Ann drove Jacob into a fit of anger. He cursed out to the members as he began blasting the shotgun out of the living room window, one pellet from the gun managed to get to Matias and hit him in the right arm, he yelled, cursing as he got out-of-the-way of Jacob’s line of fire. “Shoot the damn kids! I don’t care if we kill both of them!” For minutes, Jacob and Matias’ group returned fire, Jacob managed to injure two more of the five men still alive.

As for Mr. Ulick, well, he had somehow gotten out of the rope and watched as his children and the gang returned fire, he saw as one by one, the gang member drop, until one died close enough to him for him to grab their gun and shoot at the remaining men, although he was in his mid-fifties, he can still fire a gun well, as well as having good accuracy. His moments of being badass were not long, not until he was shot from Matias in the lower leg. Cody yelled in pain as he fell, these moments were hard and slow for the children, as they only saw as Matias held up his hand, pointing the gun to Cody’s forehead, and shot once, killing him that second making him fall face first into the dirt and gravel pathway.

Jacob and Mary Ann both screamed out, pain, hate, and guilt ran through them. Within seconds, Jacob held up his shot-gun pointing it at Matias in attempt to kill him. He fired twice but it was no hope, he was too far to hit him directly. Matias called the rest of his men to go back, to retreat, there was too much men down. There was one man, he was groaning, Jacob had shot him in the legs, he would be permanently disabled. For safe measures Matias offed him, to make sure he wouldn’t squeal, then Matias and the rest of the surviving members, left fleeing as Jacob shot at them repeatedly. Once they were gone Jacob ran out to the fallen body of Cody Ulick and pulled him facing up. Mary Ann saw her father, in Jacob’s arms as he wept. She slowly slide down from the blasted window and dismembered couch and she sobbed in her arms. Police would be there within an hour, only to find what used to be a house, drenched in flames, and the burning body of a father, hard worker, friend and foster father would be on his bed as the house collapses. Mary Ann Ulick and Jacob Anderson were not found at the scene.

That is the end of HorrorWolf’s story, The Unkillables: Part 2

Part 3 will come soon

  • Swotsy

    This reads like a screenplay, you’ve created a short action scene detailing people getting shot and a building burning down.

    Stressful? Sure. Creepy? No. There’s so little left up to the imagination in this story, it’s basically “bill shot Ted, but Jane loaded da gun, she’s a woman, bub shouts, Ted shoots, ect..” The reader connects no dots on their own. Pure gore can be such a bore.

  • Puddin Tane

    Try editing before putting it out there. You might do better. As it stands this rates 2 to 3 stars for writing quality.