The Unkillables: Part 1

His hair were silk threads of gold, solid streaks like the pine needles on the ground below them as they rolled on the grassy hills and chase each other in pure love for each other, yet, they were only nine. The boy with blonde hair and jade blue eyes, in his little overalls, chased a little girl, her hazel eyes glow with innocence and love as it was enhanced with red, red from the crimson rubber ball she was holding away from the boy as she ran in the wild grass fields. She ran, only feet away from the boy, as he attempted to reach up to her, yet she was too far.

“Thank you again Kirk for letting Jacob out to play, again, Mary Ann was bugging us to insanity because she had no one to play with and was so bored.” A woman in her late thirties say to the man next to her, in his red plaid shirt and blue Levi jeans, his hands in his front pockets.

“It was no problem Joanne, I think he learned his lesson.” The man says to the woman, as she has her arms crossed in the spring breeze and her brown hair flew. His wife, Susan, holds onto her husband’s arm as she watches their child run with his friend.

Meanwhile, Jacob still attempts to chase after his friend, that is, until his lungs couldn’t keep up with him.

“Mary Ann, please! Stop! I can’t catch you.” He stops to catch his breath as he watches Mary Ann look back to him, seeing him stop but loses her footing on her white gown and falls down the hill, the ball rolling down into a puddle as she tumbles and stops on her stomach at the foot of the hill. Jacob watched as his friend falls and screams out to her. He runs after her as his eyes tear up and see her on the ground. He screams to her, asking her if she’s okay. He stops on a dime and pulls her facing upward, waving his hand in her face to attempt to cool her down. “Please be okay, please Mary, wake up.” He looks to her and holds her close to his body, tearing still.

“Boo!” Mary Ann sprung up and scares Jacob shaking the tears off his face. Her laughs fill his mind and Jacob’s face becomes crossed.

“Don’t do that! You scared me! I thought you were hurt, Mary Ann! Please don’t do that, promise me you won’t leave me like that. Please, I don’t want you to go, I want you to be by my side forever.” He says to her in attempt to not cry in front of her. They were only nine at this time, he had known her since near birth. They both were born in East Los Angeles in the year 1942, their fathers have known each other since high school and both served in the military for a short while together as they were in World War 2.

“Forever is a long time, Jacob.” She replied. He frowned and began to tear up, but hiding it cleverly by turning his head as he let out a hollow, okay. “You didn’t let me finish. If forever is that long, then of course I will. I’ll be with you forever.” he quickly turned his tears of sadness into happiness. He jumped up in excitement of her commitment then kissed her cheek, and hugged her tightly. She blushes in his sudden move of affection and tries to hide it by burying her face in his shoulder blade.

A man with a beard, silver hair scattered among the brown forest, comes out of the barn behind the rest of the adults as a 1957 Chevy Apache motor sputters in the distance. He rubs his dirty hands on a maroon rag as the oil falls on it.

“Well, looks like she’s not gonna die just yet. She still got it in her, Kirk” His face was riddled with smudges of oil and grease.

“Thank you, Cody. She’s been acting up for a long time. How much do I owe ya?” Kirk says, grateful that his friend could help him.

“Couple hundred and your gold tooth.” The man smirks and snickers. “Nah, just kidding, Kirk, you don’t owe me anything. Ya know, I’m just glad Mary Ann could let off some energy.” He cleans off the rest of the oil and a pause fills. “I heard, the United States are working on a thermonuclear bomb, this might end this war.”

As the men talk about their war and women stand by and listen, Jacob and Mary Ann walk over the hill to their parents as spots of mud are all over their arms and legs. Kirk and Cody crack up on their children’s fiasco on their clothes, their mothers on the other hand, didn’t find their mess amusing.

Years pass until things began to change from the harmonic lifestyle of affection, it was until the government began taxing Cody and his family for the land they live to pay for the weaponry used in the war. That caused Cody to make deals to a largely grown gang in Los Angeles to pay for the taxes. He would have to do jobs in drug transportations, it only got to this point due to the government. It grew even harder when Joanne, Cody’s wife began showing symptoms of brain cancer, in the summer of ‘56 it was when Joanne Ulick finally lost the battle with the cancer, Mary Ann was only fourteen and that’s when she lost one of the only people in her life that truly loved her, all during the funeral and ceremony, Jacob was by her side, he knew she would do the same for him, it wasn’t known that she would have to do the same sooner than they thought.

Life was a pass of time with them, the time spent on one’s misfortune. Mary Ann often came to Jacob’s house for some dinner and very few times, when Cody spent time helping the Los Angeles gang with transports, would she have to spend the night. It was no bother for the Andersons, Jacob’s family, to take in Mary Ann, Jacob never had a problem with it and his parents saw her as a great honor to have in their house. There has never been a problem with Jacob and Mary Ann, they never had a feud nor have they disagreed on anything.

Two years after the death of Joanne Ulick, Jacob’s parents, Kirk and Susan Anderson were killed violently in a car hit and run as they were in their own car, and like before, Mary Ann stood by her best friend in his time of need during the funeral, Jacob saw their battered faces and scars from the accident. This sudden change in Jacob’s teen life only caused mental complications for him, he became more unsettled and only found harmony in target practice. Cody Ulick and his daughter took in Jacob as their own, son and brother, although Mary Ann and Jacob knew that they wouldn’t see each other as siblings.

As for how Jacob Anderson learned to shoot, Cody Ulick decided to teach Jacob how to shoot and take care of a firearm of his own. Jacob was given a 1951 Makarova PM, a small pistol of his own for his seventeenth birthday. Cody Ulick had a collection of different small arms and shotguns which Jacob learned to care for, load, and shoot each one of those kinds of firearms. Mary Ann on the other hand, she decided to keep away from firearms as she believed they only caused harm instead of being a device of protection.

One peaceful summer night as Jacob routinely cleaned his handgun, Mary Ann sat beside him, Cody was out another night making money to support the three of them as usual so Jacob was to watch after Mary Ann and the house.

“Why do you find comfort in this, tool.” Mary Ann asked. She looked at him as she laid on the couch behind him reading her Jane Austen story. “It only makes noise and you seem to find comfortability with it.” She felt confused and he simply smiles to her and continues cleaning his weapon.

“The same reason you find harmony with your, Sense And Sensibility. The books take you to a new world, with my gun, it makes me feel calm, like I have the whole world in my hand. It makes me a new person when I hold it.” Jacob replies to her in no intention of starting an argumentative conversation.

“Then what happens when you don’t hold onto it? You lose that power? Then what happens?” He had never thought of it like that. He looked at his gun and smiled, chuckled even a bit, but just, couldn’t feel unsafe with it.

“I don’t know, maybe then, I die.” He says with serenity, like it didn’t even matter to him if he dies, once he lost his parents in the crash he lost a lot. He lost his sense of normality, his sanity, and his thought of living.

“No! Don’t you dare say something like that Jacob. Look, I’m sorry I asked, but please don’t talk about you dying, I rather not talk about something like that because I-” She tugged on his white tank top and held onto him trying to comfort him until they both were halted with a loud popping noise followed by the sound of yelling, a lot of angry men yelling. The two teenagers walked out of their house, Jacob, with his Makarova in his back pocket, and Mary Ann following right behind Jacob. There were six men, one in front of Cody, and three behind the one man. The rest of the men stood beside the black truck they came in.

“You were supposed to bring the shipment last night, not three hours ago!” One man says with a latino accent. “This is the last time we have to deal with this s**t. That was thirty-four thousand dollars lost because of your pity mistake.” This is the last time Ulick, last time.” The man says as he has Cody on his knees in front of him, blood trailing from his mouth and with hands bonded behind him. The children were spotted by one of the members which alerted the other one, threatening Cody. “Go back inside, lil kiddies. If you know what’s better for you.”

“What are you doing to my father?” Mary Ann says pushing outwards, yet Jacob held her back. The leader of the group of gang members, Matias, looked at the daughter of the grey bearded man, then back to him.

“Ahh, so you’re the daughter.” She looked to him in confusion. “Looks like we have a ransom then.” Just then Cody sprung up and automatically butted by the b**t of a shotgun held by one of the men behind Matias.

“Sit the f**k down!” The man yelled, the knelt man now has a bruised eye and his nose bled down his lip. Both Jacob and Mary Ann screamed out Cody’s name as Matias gave two of his men a whistle and then the two men began walking towards the door of which the children stood by.

Jacob held onto his backside where the gun was and said to then to stop moving, otherwise he will have no option but to shoot, they all froze there and looked to their boss.

“Now, son. I don’t know what game you think this is, but you obviously are going to be hurt if you don’t step aside.” He says to Jacob. Jacob gave Matias a glare and they both had a moment of eye to eye contact, until Matias broke the glare. “Or you can stand there and we can take her from you, or him, whoever means more to you.” Jacob then realized the faults on the line. The two men came closer in alert of the boys firearm, they’re guns drawn as well. One step closer was a second less for decision to be made up, until his mind was made up.


That Was The End Of HorrorWolf Stories, The Unkillables: Part 1

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    Not that i didnt like the story, but the timeline is all over the place. It said they were born in 1942 and they are 9 years old, that would make the year 1951. But then they talk about how the US is developing a nuke to end ww2……..which ended 6 years ago……. plus there was a 1957 chevy which will not be made for another 6 years. Just a note, the rest was great