The Truth after The Lie – Part 1

I don’t know if anyone will find this, but I am Trevor Skinner, and if you find this journal, then tell my family I love them.

Tell them to stay in Rosewood Hospital and don’t go out, for a terrible event is coming.

I was scared. I didn’t know what to do, what WERE you supposed to do after “accidentally” knocking your wife down the staircase because of a conflict. You can’t just lift her up, bring her to the hospital and brush it off.

The kids wouldn’t understand. They’re too young to understand.

I didn’t feel guilty at first. She had cheated on me for another man. That man was the same man I invited to eat dinner last week. He was Bobby Lott, my best friend.

I ran out through the window, couldn’t look at my children. Couldn’t bear to see their scared faces. I ran and ran and ran into a scarecrow.

At least that was what I thought I ran into at first, but then I was in Texas. The scarecrow turned around and I realised it was a man, sort of.

His skin and clothing were dark sewer green, he wore a black fedora and was carrying a stick, something that looked like the staff Gandalf carries, except more moist and gooey.

“Hello fine sir, My name is the Midnight Man, ” the man explained. “And every Halloween, I grant three wishes to three desperate souls, one each.”

“Judging by the way you look and ran, something terrible must’ve happened to you, and what is that?” The Midnight Man asked, he was now moving closer to me.

“I’ve been cheated on by my wife… my best friend… I just wish I could see the truth!” Unaware that I was talking to a  strange man I have never met before, that man snapped his fingers and disappeared…

Well, that was odd… I started towards the nearest cafe, forgetting about the fact that I had just shoved someone down a row of stairs.

My vision started to get blurry right at that moment… It was almost as if there was mist in the neighbourhood. I felt the mist rising, and for a second I saw a silhouette in the mist, not just a humanoid silhouette, but a giant.

It was taller than about 10 houses stacked on top of each other, I couldn’t see what it looked like, but the scale of it already gave me a fright.

Right when it got closer to me, it disappeared. The mist disappeared as well, like I was having a hallucination.

I got into the cafe, it was closing in another 3 hours. I ordered a cup of coffee and decided to read the news.

On the front page was an article about strange noises all around the world. They sounded like a Tuba, but it was so loud that the whole of Wyoming could hear it.

The second page was an article about weird creature sightings in the sky. But it all seemed like a hoax. One woman described a large organism that looked like the head of an animal floating in the sky.

Another restaurant worker said he saw a giant shadow go over the restaurant, said the shadow was moving over the restaurant for about ten minutes, but he couldn’t see what was up there other than a few clouds.

I thought it was all b******t and flipped to page three, which was about a mist phenomenon occurring randomly in New York.

Page four was about a woman’s house windows freeze into ice after hearing a weird sound, something that sounds like a ship horn. Her neighbours heard it too.

I decided to stop, look up, and drink my coffee. But it was gone, I suddenly found myself standing beside the edge of a cliff, only I recognised the half torn apart building which was the cafe I was just in.

The mist was back, I could hear siren and gunshots. My phone clock seemed to not change at all. Then I saw a tank shooting in to the far reach of the mist. The silhouette came back. I puked.

The giant was a monstrosity to look at. It was a disfigured giant who looks to be taller than the empire state building. It’s body was covered with eyes and mouths. I don’t know what it wants on Earth but my phone states the date at 24 November 2024.

All the buildings have been destroyed and the creature doesn’t seem to attack humans, it was so tall I couldn’t see its face. Like how an ant can’t see us. Except “they” seem to want to remove Earth from existence.

If this is the truth I am seeing… God help us all, although it seems like even God can’t help us.

  • Yvonne Christina

    Didn’t understand it. It didn’t make sense to me.

    • GameHow

      Ah. I knew this would happen.
      When the protagonist wanted to see the truth, he got what he wished and saw his neighbourhood in chaos.
      I wanted to make a sequel but basically, he saw the town in chaos as it was the truth, and it is going to happen in the future.
      But it’s ok, I just started writing and stuff.