The Swirl Man

Have you ever been afraid of the dark? Well, have you ever had a good reason to be afraid of the dark? Do you know what true darkness even is? I am and I do and I’m here to tell you about what happened to me and why I stay away from the dark.

First let me explain what true darkness is. It’s when you can’t see anything not even if you put your hand in front of your face. You can’t see or tell differences in color, etc. The same applies to too much light, but im here to explain the darkness and my fear.

When it gets this dark, where I can’t even see my own hand or body in front of me, nor any light of any type (not even a small dot of it nor moonlight). I start to see a purple swirl. I can suddenly see dimly in front if me, but every time it’s always the same, there is a man. He is in a suit, one of those fancy ones for businessmen or a wedding. Everything about him seems fine, until you see his face. His face is contorted into a swirl, when I see this, and I always do whether I like it or not,it’s as if he forces me somehow, he starts to walk slowly towards me. He has never gotten to me but when I turn a light of any sort back on I see the purple swirl again, and just like that, he’s gone. The last time this happened to me I was twelve. I had all but forgotten about him. Maybe he decided to show himself again just to remind me of how no matter what. I will never escape his grasp, and how he will always be there, watching, waiting, even as I live my life-like nothing ever happened.

A quick side note to those reading this, what I just told you actually happened to me. I personally do not care if you do not believe this story. Keep in mind that the thoughts and actions come from a child ages 7 through 12. With that aside please comment on what you think it may be. Thank you for reading.

  • wifey30

    Keep trying. Not that good

    • ryc

      It’s not s story lol i actually did se that when i was little

      • wifey30

        Um, sure. Doesn’t change my Opinion. 😂

      • wifey30


  • JustARandomPastaReader

    I really enjoyed this creepypasta! Personally, my two greatest fears are falling from a high place and the fear of what may be hiding in the dark. While I can’t say I got scared during this creepypasta, I could definitely relate to the fear. It had a good introduction that set the mood for the rest of the story. It’s a satisfying short read for someone with a similar fear. My only significant problem with the story is the monster. When ever a suit is mentioned in the description of a humanoid figure, Slenderman will instantly pop into mind. For me, that destroys all tension. The rest of the monster is great. The swirling face would seriously creep me out if I saw it, and the name itself is simple enough to be believable, especially since a 7-12 year old child came up with it.

    You’ve given me just enough information to get me curious, and I’d love to see more.

  • Bonnie Manz

    You should edit this story.

  • Mylifestory

    There is some scientific fact about seeing colors or even images like this I suggest looking it up if i was you.