The Stranger With a Smile

I was driving home from school with my backpack in the passenger seat and the windows down listening to music. Life was great. I pulled into the driveway at home and entered the garage. I got out of the car with my backpack in my hand and hit the button on the remote the close the garage door.

The house was empty. Mom was a real estate agent and my dad was a foreman at a construction company. I walked in toy room and say my backpack on the bed and turned on the TV and game system and began to play. My high score was always hard to beat. I was lucky to have got it. As o was just about to beat it my cellphone began to ring. I answered it and heard my dad’s voice on the line.

“Hello, son?”

“Yes Dad.”

“Your mother and I are going out of town tonight for a dinner with my boss so you will be home by yourself tonight. Will you be alright?”

“Sure pops I will be. I’ll see you tomorrow the.”

I layed down in bed shut the lights off and turned the TV on a local channel. “Looks like the news.” I said to myself as I was flipping through the channels. I finally found a show that I loved The Chili Chan Show.

I was watching it for 20 minutes and it was almost over when I heard a scraping noise on the window. I thought nothing of it since a tree was right outside and of the wind blew hard enough a limb would hit the window. I turned the TV off and rolled over on my left side away from the window. The scraping noise was still going in but I heard no wind. I figured I was hearing things so I closed my eyes until I dozed into a deep sleep

I woke up groggy and it was completely dark besides some light from the moon coming from the window. I sat up and was facing straight. I rubbed my eyes getting the sleep out of them still feeling tired. I sat my hands off to the side and kept looking straight. I heard a small tap tap tap from the direction of the window and when I turned my head the window was blocked by a big black Shadow. I slowly looked up until I seen the face of a man standing over my bed with a smile on his face. “You should’ve left the window locked, boy.” I closed my eyes freaked out hoping that it was fake. I opened them back up and he was gone. “Thank God.” I said to myself. I looked around and seen my closet door open. “S**t man just leave me alone.” I just sat there and stared at the closet door but nothing happened. “Maybe I left it open.” That’s when I seen long slender fingers wrap around the side of the door and slowly I seen a face pop out from behind the door with a smile from ear to ear. They weren’t normal teeth as they looked like they were all filled to a sharp point.

Within just a few seconds of his head popping out from behind the door he slammed it open and took off running at me. I didnt have time to move out of the way before he jumped on top of me and we both tumbled to the floor. I got up and kicked the man in the stomach and turned to take off when I felt his hand wrap around my foot and tripped me. I fell flat on my stomach and felt him crawling over my back. I felt hot breath in the back of my neck and he lowered his head closer down to my ear. I can hear him licking his lips and clacking his teeth together. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in the side of my neck. The man sunk his teeth into my neck. I began to shake my body jerking it side to side and managed to get out from under him. I grabbed the lamp from the side of my bed and turned back around. The man was already on his feet, blood dribbling down his chin. I swung the base of the lamp and connected with the strange man’s temple. He staggered and took my chance to swing again. He staggered some more and tripped over my backpack. He hit the ground but I kept swinging at his head. Over and over, blood going all over my hands and splashing over the floor and my desk. I hit him 4 more times before I stopped.

I stood up and walked to switch the light on. When I turned around the body was gone and the window was open. A breeze blowing through. I remained awake that whole night until the sun came up. I go up and bandaged my neck and I went to the kitchen and began to get a bowl of cereal when the door opened and in came my parents. We said our hellos and gave our hugs when my mother turned on the little TV on the kitchen counter to the news. What I seen next I found disturbing more than anything. It was the man who attacked me last night. He murdered 12 people and escaped the cops and left town. We were the next town over.

I turned the TV off and my parents noticed the bandage on my neck. They asked what it was from. I never lied to my parents but I thought this time it was a good idea so not to worry them so I told them that  I cut myself shaving. Then I walked out the door hoping to continue my day and forget all about last night.

  • Swiftierunner

    What happended with boys injury in his neck? His parent’s never noticed?