The Story of Joseph Dahmer

“Hello. I’m Joseph C. Dahmer. I am planning in college, it’s an ok college. But not the people in it, they all make fun of me. Those bastards, they need to pay for th-the the stress and pain they f**king put me the hell through. Their always screwing with, me calling me Bleach and saying talk right.”

Lucky me, it’s summer break and I don’t have to deal with any of them. I also won’t have to deal with this weird guy who stands in the woods that is right by school, watching everyone. He also dresses decent, he wears a suit and tie. He isn’t human, I swear he’s not, he has a white face. He… That thing… It creeps me the hell out.

Joseph’s mom yelled,”Joseph, dinner is done!” Joseph ran down stairs and sat down at the table.”So mom what is for dinner,” Joseph said with a dull voice. His mom walked over with a tray full of food,”we are having roast beef sandwiches with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.”

“Mom why did dad drive his car off the bridge?”

“Joseph, you know that he killed himself because the police was after him. His life was f**ked up any ways, his father was Jeffrey L. Dahmer.”

“Yeah, but… I miss him,” Joseph said as he ate his food. Tears began to drip down his cheeks and into his food. “Everyone makes fun of me for being albino and I studder all the f**king time!” Joseph got up and ran to his room. He sat on his bed, looking out the window. Something caught his eye, it was the same man from school.

Joseph tried to look away but he just couldn’t, it was as if he were frozen solid. Joseph’s eyes shut, slowly as he fell off his bed and passed out. When Joseph woke up, he couldn’t remember anything about last night. He ran down stair and saw his mother sitting with a police officer. It was the same one on the news, the one who was chansing my father down.

He got up and gave my mother a kiss on the lips. He walked to the front door and cocked his head at me. I looked at him with wide eyes,”Get out of this house you g******n, f**king bastar!” He slammed the door on his way out.

My mother got up,”you better get use to him Joseph C. Dahmer because he is staying the night tomorrow!” I ran back up the stairs and back into my room. “Damn it!,” I screamed. I began to draw in my book, I drew pictures of that thing with the blank face. I also did some research on it,  it was known as the Slenderman. I kept drawing until I fell a sleep, at mid-night.

This time I woke up in a small cabin, where I was tied up with a note in front of me. It read,”Mr. Dahmer, I’ve been watching you. I know everything about you. Do you still remember your distant cousin, Jeffrey Woods?

“Yes, yeah, I do remember. He became some kind of psychopath killer. He called himself Jeff the Killer.” I saw Slenderman come in, he untied my ropes and I dropped to the floor. I rubbed the sides of my mouth, they were stitched up. It was like someone cut a smile into my face and stitched it.

Slenderman stared at me and said,”Jeff got to you and killed everyone in your house. He carved that smile into your face, but me and my… Proxies got there just in time to save you from death. You will now serve with them, working for me.”

Joseph looked at him,” when do I start? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

News:”There has been tones of killing and sittings of the so-called Slenderman. We suspect that these crimes were committed by his followers, or proxies. We have little evidence supporting that claim, however, we have found a not at some of the crime scenes. It was for Jeffrey Woods, aka Jeff the Killer. It said, I am coming for you. I’m gonna pay you back for that smile you carved into my face. Ps… YOUR A*S IS DEAD! That is all we have for today folks. See you tomorrow on the nightly news.

The TV shut off and then turned back on. It showed Slenderman’s face for a few seconds and then went static. The whole room was pitch black, except for the little bit of light illuminating from the static TV. A white hooded boy with light grey paints and white skin walked in. His white hair was half way covered by his hood. He had red eyes and a stitched smile, it was Joseph. He shut the TV off and walked out, leaving the room completely pitch black and silent.

  • cookie eevee

    You need to pay a bit more attention to your grammer but I bet you could be a great author one day!

  • Tiara Cockerham

    Um, it’s not a horrible story, but I won’t recommend it to anyone I know

  • Yolo Wizard

    Oh god..

  • Flynn C4ctus

    The story is abit confusing to me

  • LolBoy707

    that was epic

  • Alica

    First wtf Jeffrey L Dahmer is a gay necrophilc cannibal serial killer from the 70s and 80s who died in jail and is in no way related to a fictional creppypasta

  • Moony Brooklight

    It was good, but I feel like it didn´t really have a creepy feel.

  • Moony Brooklight

    It doesn´t really have any structure to it.