The Snow Cabin

That night, there was a snow storm. I was separated from my group and so tired from searching for shelter. Before I lost my consciousness, I saw an empty cabin. I knocked and knocked but there was no answer so I walked in. It was empty but neat like someone took a good care of the place. I decided to spend the night there. Before I went to sleep I noticed strange paintings with creepy deformed people on the wall. It was dark, so I could only get a glimpse of them. But whatever, I was really tired. I ignored them and just fell asleep. In the morning I woke up trying to regain my consciousness. First thing I noticed is the paintings on the wall have changed into some sceneries. Maybe the caretaker was home and change it. Again, I didn’t really care, they just some stupid paintings anyway. So I continued my sleep. But now, I can’t sleep anymore when I remember that cabin.

  • Stray Cthulhu

    I don’t understand

    • short.story

      This is a semi riddle short story, so it has riddle ????

      • Desere Olson

        Oh!now I get it!

        • Misterlemon

          What is the riddle

          • Desere Olson

            It has to do with the paintings. Read close and slowly.

          • Misterlemon

            Is he inside the paintings?

      • Mathew Lockley

        Whats the riddle?

  • TheOneWhoRates

    He got separated from his group. Boo hoo.