The Skinner

One night, there’s a couple that is riding down the Albert mines road listening to the radio. Then, a radio announcement comes on warning people to stay in their homes and to keep their doors locked because a convict had escaped earlier that day.

A few miles later, a light in his car started flashing showing engine trouble. They decided to pull over next to a big tree that overhangs the road and call for a tow. He tried to make a call but had no reception – neither did she – that’s when he noticed a light off in the field and thought it to be a house.

He told his girlfriend he was going to go and see if the owners would let them stay there for the night so that they could call for a tow in the morning. She waited for him to come back but eventually nodded off as it started to rain.

She woke up to tapping on the window, by then it was already daytime and the rain had stopped. She looked up in surprise to see a police officer who helped her out of the car and escorted her back to the patrol. He warned her to look straight ahead and that everything would be alright, but curiosity got the better of her as she glanced back.

She saw the dead body of her boyfriend hanging upside down from a hook on the tree with skinned body and blood speckled over the roof of the car.