The Siren In The Lake

I shouldn’t even be sharing this story because it’s classified and I will get into severe trouble, but you know? What f**k it. It’s time I tell this story.

Back when I was sixteen, I dated this girl named Rebecca, she was going to be the girl I was going to marry once we were out of high school… but that thing took her from me! That thing took Rebecca and my best friend and his girlfriend, and many other people!

My story starts when me, Rebecca, my friend Paul and his girlfriend Nina wanted to go camping, why not? It was a lovely summer, hot enough but not too hot to where you’re cooking, and Paul was going away for college when summer was over.

We were going to drive to a popular campground that’s busy during the summer. On our way there Nina and Rebecca talked in the back of the car about the new movie Fight Club and saying how Brad Pitt was hot in it. Paul laughed saying he was now jealous. The girls giggled saying sorry then asked where we were going because we haven’t gotten to the campground yet. I looked at Paul who had one of the famous grins that he does when he has a plan.

“Why would you all want to go to a crowded place where you have to deal with smelly people and their screaming kids? Can’t have the quiet, or alone time with someone,” Paul winked at me then continued, “I know a place even better than that s****y campground. This place is nothing but trees, rarely people. Maybe a few but not enough to bug you, and what makes this place better is that it has a lake.” The girls’ eyes widen with excitement. Nina said she couldn’t wait to wear her new bikini, Paul smirked and made an mmm sound.

It wasn’t long until Paul turned down a dirt road. It was a hell of a ride the things in the trunk were banging around I yelled at Paul that if I found something broken, I was going to drown him in the lake! He just laughed the girls yelled at him to slow down! When the dirt road ended into an old broken concrete parking lot, you could see the lake. It shined under the sun, so crisp and refreshing. The girls gawked over the setting and the lake as I and Paul got the things out of the truck, lucky him nothing was broken.

As we walked towards the lake and deeper into the forest, birds chirped in the trees, saw a few squirrels and deers. We found a nice place to set up camp we decided to put it a bit far from the lake, so we didn’t get the cold air from it at night. I started to set up my tent Rebecca watched but when I began to swear because it wasn’t working she helped.

Paul and Nina went off to get some firewood, so it was just the two of us. Rebecca smelled of her flowery perfume and a hint of bug spray, wrapping my hands around her, she laughed. I’m not going to add details just going to say when the tent was up we were alone in it.

As we started to get close, she stopped and looked behind her. “What’s wrong?” I asked she turned to look at me. She had a weird expression on her face. “Nothing, I just thought I heard someone say my name.” Going back to making out but stopped again because we heard someone walking around outside the tent. Thinking it the other two were back, we got dressed and went out, but there was no one.

Rebecca looked freaked out. I told her it was a deer and that there was nothing to be worried about, but it kinda killed the mood. So we waited for the other two to come back which was an hour later. Paul had the smile of “I just had s*x.” The same with Nina who was blushing.  Soon the girls wanted to go swimming, so off we went.

Walking towards the lake I had that feeling of being watched, looking around I just saw animals. There really wasn’t anyone else. It was just us. Paul laughed saying I was just being paranoid.

The lake was even more beautiful up close. A few fish jumped out of the water to catch bugs, and a few ducks floated on top of the water. Paul was the first to jump in. I joined him, and the water felt great! When the girls got in, we started to play Chicken. Couple vs. couple. Rebecca got on my shoulders, Nina got on Paul’s soon the game started. Both girls giggled trying to knock the other off as Paul, and I started distracting each other.

Sadly we lost, Rebecca fell back into the water I went down a little only getting my neck wet, we all laughed but stopped when Rebecca shot up out of the water screaming and freaking out. “There’s a huge snake in the water!” Rebecca shouted waving her arms. Nina screamed and took off to land with Rebecca following. I looked at Paul, again he had that famous grin.

He went underwater to look for this snake. The girls looked on from the land wrapping themselves in their towels as I waited for Paul. When he didn’t come up for some time I started to panic. Yelling his name and looking around hoping to see maybe his bright red swimming trunks, saw nothing.

“S**t, Paul!” I yelled before going under to look around, still didn’t see him. I didn’t want to go back up but I jumped out of my skin when something grabbed the back of my arm — swimming up fast. When my head broke through the water, I turned to see what touched me. Paul was laughing his a*s off. I splashed water at him and calling him a few colorful words he just kept laughing.

The girls started to yell at us that they were cold and were getting hungry, swimming towards the land. Paul stopped then he splashed me, “nice try man.” I looked at him confusedly, “running your hand across my leg! So creepy!” Again I looked at him with more of a confused look. When we got out, the girls already started back to camp as we grabbed our towels there came a huge slapping sound from behind us. It was like someone slammed their hand on a table that was wet. Where we just came from the water was rippling. “Maybe it was that huge snake?” Paul laughed before walking away.

We had a nice dinner of hot dogs, and for dessert s’mores. The sun was setting on the lake we could see it from behind the trees it was really pretty. The fire was popping. Nina leaned on Paul who was talking to me about what I was going to do after High School Rebecca listened.

Everything was calm but we all jumped when there were footsteps and the sound of breaking twigs coming towards us. Paul and I stood up, he was holding an ax, and I was holding a frying pan. The girls stayed still not saying a word. The person was getting closer but stopped when I yelled out, “who’s there!”

A tall skinny girl around our age, wearing jean shorts and a white tank top came out of the trees holding both hands up with a cocky smile. She had blonde hair that was cut into a bob, couldn’t really see her eyes, but they looked to be an amber color.

“Whoa, whoa, put your things down, boys. I just got bored at my camp and just wanted to wander around.” Paul and I lowered our weapons as the girls calmed down and the new girl put her hands down. We welcomed her to hang out with us. She sat down on a log. We started to talk she told us that she was waiting for her dad and older brother to get back from fishing, and again she got bored with waiting. Her name I will NEVER forget was Mira.

Talking some more Mira looked at the fire just as the moon came out she spoke up more, “nights like this are great to tell scary stories.” Paul smirked rubbing his hands together, “that sounds like a good idea, I have a good one!” We all listened Rebecca held onto my arm, Nina looked a little scared, Mira had a bored look.

“When the man turned around his dead bloody wife stood behind him holding a knife!” Paul yelled moving his hands around. He sat down after the show. “He was never seen again.” We clapped and laughed Mira stood up. “I have one. Y’all ever heard of The Siren in The Lake?” We shook our heads she smirked, “good, it all started about maybe two years ago, a family decided to go camping.”

“A man and a woman with their two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy was nineteen, and the girl was sixteen, they came to the same forest. They set camp up by the lake across from us,” she pointed towards the lake, “the wife was making lunch as the husband and kids went swimming. They were all having fun until they heard the wife scream for help!”

“The husband got out of the water telling the kids to stay put as he ran back to their camp. Two men had his wife pinned to the ground trying to rip her shirt off. The husband body slammed the one that was on top of her but the other man hit him over the head with a rock. The husband let go of the first. The wife stood up. She watched in horror as the two men started to beat her husband to death. She ran towards the lake screaming for her kids to run the men followed.”

“The boy saw his mother running towards them. Just as he got out of the water, she tripped on a root from a tree. Her son was about to help her but stopped when one of the men stomped on her back. Both the boy and girl heard a loud crack come from their mother. She didn’t move or get up…”

Mira stopped and swallowed hard before going on, we were all listening intently, “the boy picked up a long stick and started to run towards the two men swinging it like a sword, but they overpowered him. The girl couldn’t move, her body wouldn’t let her. She watched as the men beat her brother to death as well, she was next, and she knew it. Again, her body wouldn’t let her move or scream.”

“The one man grabbed her by the hair, she finally screamed! It was the loudest scream the girl could ever muster up!” Mira stopped again. She looked at the fire. I swore I saw her crying, but it was probably the light from the fire playing with her face.

“Both men r***d the girl when they were done with her. The one grabbed hold of her throat and pushed her head under the water. She didn’t fight it. She was in pain, and her body failed her. She knew she would never see her family alive again if they did let her live. The girl felt her life slipping away like sand between her fingers, she didn’t see a light she only saw darkness. When the last breath left her lungs, the man let go of her throat and let her body float away.”

“Now, the girl was dead, but she wasn’t gone her spirit was still there. When her body started to sink into the dark cold and murky water of the lake, it started to change her. Her legs started to grow together making a base like a snake then fins started to grow on the ends! They were sharp like knives! The girl’s skin turned a light blue as her hair turned a deep dark blue, her eyes turned a bright yellow that reflects in the moonlight. When she first opened them, she was under the water and wasn’t sure how she got there, but it soon came back. Fury filled her!”

“The next night the two men who killed the family went fishing out on a boat. No sounds were coming from the forest which was odd but there soon came the sound of a girl singing. Both men looked at one another then looked at a rock that’s in the middle of the lake. You probably can’t see it now it’s too dark,” Mira shrugged, “but there sat the girl. The men were under a spell. They watched her and were humming along with the song.”

“She slowly slid into the water and swam towards the boat. She came up from the right side the one man leaned over the side smiling as she smiled back but with long sharp nails, she pulled him into the water, turning it red. The other man was still under her spell when she was done with the first. She climbed on top of the boat. The man smiled at her, cupping his face with cold, wet hands he smiled more at her as she smiled back but then grinned evilly! He started to scream in pain and fear as she started to squeeze his head! Her nails dug into the sides of his skull as the blood flowed her fingers!”

Mira sat down crossing her arms smiling, “the men were never seen again, but ever since then, people have been going missing from this area. There were a few who gotten away but were left with horrible memories. The ones who got away said the siren can mimic a voice of someone else, can swim fast, and she can put anyone under a spell just by singing”

Rebecca was holding tightly onto my arm shaking, Nina was sitting closer to Paul who for once didn’t know what to say but did speak after thinking for a few seconds, “that’s a pretty good made up story.” Mira looked at him with a blank stare, “there’s no siren in the lake there can’t be, besides there are no reports of missing people from this lake or a report of a family being murdered.”

Mira still didn’t say anything but started to giggle, “that’s because they don’t want you to know the truth! Every time there’s a body found or someone went missing they cover it up! Hell, they even try catching the siren but fail!” She laughed we looked at her oddly. “Who’s they?” Rebecca asked Mira grinned looking at her, “if I told you that they’ll probably kill you.” I looked at Paul who had the same look, ‘this girl is crazy.’

Before we could ask her to leave there came a voice from behind her. “Hey, Sis! Me and dad are back!” A man called Mira stood up, “yeah, yeah I’m coming. Anyways thanks for letting me hang out for a little bit, and before I go just remember there are reasons why stories are around, and also if you hear the singing.” The fire moved which shadowed parts of her face she was smiling, “You’re now marked with death.” The wind picked up a little none of us spoke. “Sis come on!”

When Mira was gone we all started to talk about her and about the story. “Maybe that was the huge snake I saw!” Rebecca said Paul waved her off saying she just saw a huge log or something that was playing a trick on her mind. It wasn’t long till we got tired and headed to our tents. Rebecca cuddled up close to me she was shaking. Kissing her lips, I told her not to be scared and that the siren wasn’t real. She calmed down then fell asleep I did the same after her.

I wasn’t sure what time it was, but I woke up. I’m a very heavy sleeper which was weird for me to wake up that easily. Outside my tent, I heard someone walking away from our camp. Brushing it off to be just Paul, or Nina going off to pee I fell back asleep but shortly after someone unzipped my tent. Paul poked his head in. I looked at him tiredly Rebecca woke up too. What Paul said was enough to make me fully wake up. “Nina is missing.”

Grabbing flashlights, and the ax we took off to find her. Rebecca stayed with me. Paul went off on his own way yelling her name. “Maybe Mira or her dad and brother saw Nina?” Rebecca suggested I thought about it then it finally hit me that our vehicle was the only one in that parking lot and we didn’t see anyone fishing…

I didn’t want to think about it or believe the story, it was nonsense…Right? I grabbed Rebecca’s hand pulling her towards the lake calling for Paul. We both stopped Rebecca covered her mouth.

Paul stood in the water that stopped at his shoulders. I yelled his name loudly enough to make it echo in the cold air, but he didn’t move. I was going to jump in, but Rebecca stopped me. She pointed slowly at Paul but not at him but in front of him. A head poked out of the water then stood up slowly. It was a girl.

I was shocked as Rebecca cried out, the girl wrapped her arms around Paul’s neck. She smiled at him then slowly pulled him underwater with her. “PAUL!” I screamed ready to jump in again but… it felt like my body just locked up I could only move my eyes…

Rebecca was screaming at me to do something! But I couldn’t move! The bubbles that were coming from where Paul was stopped… His laugh, his smile, and grin… His plans for life, going to college and marrying the girl of his dream! Were all gone and I did nothing!

Rebecca started to shake me and yell at me that we needed to run but I couldn’t move! Then we heard it, the singing. My vision got weird like I still could see but I didn’t have control over my eyes and what I saw was a long light blue arm coming out of the water so fast! It grabbed hold of Rebecca’s leg! She started to scream my name and begged me to help! My body began to shake as I watched her get pulled away! She was still screaming when she went under the dark water…

There was no sound besides my heavy breathing. I still couldn’t move I blinked and when my eyes opened, I was met with bright yellow eyes and a bright evil smile. This thing had her arms around my neck like Paul. She leaned in closer to my face. Her breath smelled of iron and death.

“Did you like my story?” She asked then started to giggle, “would you like to be a part of it?” Before I knew it, she started to pull me towards her and into the water. The water began to come up to my ankles then to my knees then up to my chest as she pulled me more into the water.

She was smiling evilly and started to sing lightly. My body was still shaking, but before she could pull my entire body under water, she looked over my shoulder. She shoved me back just as someone grabbed the back of my shirt throwing me over the side of a boat. A man wearing a dark military uniform was looking down at me. Four other men started to open fire with guns into the water and yelling to each other to not let her get away.

I sat on the ground still in shock. I got control over my eye but my body was still shaking. The man who pulled me out of the water was talking on a walkie-talkie. There were a few boats on the lake. The men on it were wearing the same uniform as him.

They had bright lights shining on the water looking and flashing them on different spots of the lake. The man who saved me kneeled down in front of me. “Son you’re lucky to be alive, but I’m sorry about your friends.” My eyes started to water I was scared, I was in disbelief, I was sad, but I was pissed more than anything!

There soon came a commotion looking up I saw that thing! The moon was lighting her up. Her skin was light blue. Her dark blue hair was short like a bob cut. Her bright yellow eyes were locked on me, she grinned at me. There was blood on her mouth, the end of her body was like a snake that was a dark color but looked like it was changing colors, on the tip was light pale fins that let the moonlight shine through. There came fire from the men on the boats, but she was too fast for them.

That night three people drowned in the lake, and only one lived but was made to keep quiet.

After High School, I joined the military. Guess I got the attention of the people who saved me that night. The ones that hunt the things that go bump in the night because they came to me offering a job to work for a place known as the SCP Foundation (Secure, Contain, and Protect!) I took it in a heartbeat!

The only reason I’m sharing this story because tonight is my turn to try and catch that b***h that killed my girlfriend and friends, and she took so much more from me! She isn’t going to get away this time. She wants me to be a part of her story?  Fine! I’m going to be the hero that’s taking her down!

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    Great story. I was really into it

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    Nice tie in to SCP! Loved it

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    Great story man.