The Silenced

I’ll never forget it… I’ll never forget the day I saw those things. I guess I really should explain what I mean.

It was a dreary day outside and it’s a day I don’t think I’ll ever forget. See I was 16 at the time by the way the name’s Zach. I was waiting outside at my bus stop for the bus of course just like any other day but something just felt off that morning and there was only one other person there, which was weird considering there were normally tons of kids so I was kind of creeped out by how silent it was and also it didn’t help that it was very misty so that only made me feel worse.

Then I thought I saw something human like move quickly past me in the mist and I jumped backwards and almost out of my skin. I then let out a sudden scream not very loud but still loud enough to be a scream. The bus then arrived at that very moment so I hopped on as fast as f*****g possible and sat down in seat 14 my regular seat on the bus and put in my earbuds and started listening to “Play With Fire”, when I saw something human like move past the bus and it looked like the exact same thing from earlier and of course I was freaked the f**k out and slid over in my seat no longer wanting to stare out the window.

When we finally arrived at school I ran into the building like a bat out of hell still creeped out. I tried eating breakfast but couldn’t keep anything down because of how creeped out I was so I threw my plate in the trash and headed to first period where I found no body. So I sat down in my seat and started drawing like normal because I just love drawing.

Once I reached my third period the principal said we were going into lock down but there wasn’t a lockdown drill scheduled for today, so this was REAL everyone was freaking out but the teacher soon quieted us down and we were in the gym because I have gym for third period.

And in the gym there’s really nowhere for us to go and all the gym doors were already locked so we were LOCKED IN. I decided to go up to one of the windows in the gym and I looked outside and of course the mist was still here, people slowly started crowding around me to look outside and then I saw something walking towards the window in the mist. It had long arms and legs insanely long definitely not human and it didn’t appear to be wearing any clothing and it was lurched over like a zombie.

People started going batshit crazy running and freaking the f**k out but me I just stood there in fear, I’ve never known why when I’m completely terrified I just freeze in place but I do. So I just stood there as it got closer and closer, my breathing increased getting heavier and faster the closer it got and then it finally reached the window and for some reason I put my hand on the window and it did the same, placing its hand right where mine was and for a moment I wasn’t scared then its hand curled into a fist and it banged on the window very hard continuously making me jump backward and then I saw its face and its sharp almost razor like teeth as it screeched a horrible sound.

It was so sharp that my ears started ringing and I backed away quickly which made it stop banging on the window and screeching then it hit me the creature was in fact human but MUTATED. So I decided to once again go up to the window but this time to look at the creature and I recognized it, it wasn’t just any plain old mutated this was my BEST FRIEND CALLUM or Cal for short.

He then screeched at me for a bit before using some sort of liquid to write yes you heard me right to WRITE and he wrote “HELP US!” and I just sat there astounded that he actually remembered how to write considering the way he looked but I also realized it said US and everyone else was definitely seeing the same thing I was… multiple others like Cal started swarming the school building how do I know?… I heard the screams but I also heard what sounded like flesh being ripped either into or apart and when I looked back at the window Cal was gone… almost like he was never even there. I was freaking out and so was everyone else then the teacher turned the TV on and the news was on and it said a toxic gas had been accidentally released on the public through a hole in a wall at a chemical testing plant and that meant everyone that looked normal mostly likely had their window closed in their room last night.

I mean we had been told that it had been released before any of us went to school so we all put on gas masks so we wouldn’t be affected but still everyone else who didn’t have their windows in their house closed the night prior had been infected for multiple hours so it had changed them into these creatures.

A couple of hours had passed and it was nighttime and we were still locked in the gym because if we went out the door by the window I was at we would be killed and if we went out the door that lead into the hall we would be killed because some of them had already gotten inside, so we were a bunch of sitting ducks till out teacher gathered everyone up and we made a plan to get out of there but not through the door by the window because there are too many there so we were taking the other door.

After we all gathered our courage we carefully opened the door and got out then we split up into groups of five since there were enough of us to do that anyway, my group and I were to head to the exit door in the cafeteria halfway across the damn school.

We walked slowly and carefully until someone just couldn’t take it I guess and ran forwards screaming and when he reached the part of the hall where it split left and right one the SILENCED that’s what we call them because well they were basically silently killed and turned into these things hence the name the SILENCED.

Anyways one of the SILENCED jumped out and onto him and we all hid behind things keeping our heads in but out of curiosity we poked out heads out and he was being ripped apart I saw intestines and blood going everywhere… and all of my group knew that wasn’t a random attack those monster knew we would eventually have to come out so they strategically placed groups of their own in different places.

When we finally made it to the cafeteria door we were attacked by a large group of SILENCED so I ran out of the door and through the streets and to my house where I gathered everything and my parents and I drove out of town and never looked back.

Eventually we found out we were the only survivors from our old town and that the problem had been fixed and that all of the SILENCED were killed.

*Present Day*

“I still have nightmares about the SILENCED to this very da-”


“…What the hell was that?”

*Walks into the living room*

“Aurora baby was that yo-… OH GOD!!!”

*The word SORRY was written in blood on the wall above her corpse*

“Oh god she’s dead… no this can’t be happening.”




The End