The Shadow Man at the Foot of the Bed

So being the person that I am. I have always believed that there are some things in this world that we can’t explain. I am from a small town in Florida called High Springs. I never really traveled until I married my husband. We moved to Petersburg, West Virginia. I live with my bestie, her kids father, her two boys (my nephews), as well as her daughter and soon a fourth baby will be joining us. Another little girl.

My story started about five months ago. My bestie’s eldest son came to me and told me about the man standing at the foot of his bed. He said that this man was all black like a shadow and would stand, unmoving, at the foot of his bed breathing heavily. My bestie’s husband has also seen a little blonde girl and a little boy. They are always seen in the back of the house and in the hallway. They never come beyond the end of the hallway into the kitchen.

Now bestie’s oldest son has night terrors and he keeps talking about little goblin like creatures, dolls and little clowns. He says that they sit on the top shelf in his closet, come out of the wall in his corner and through his doorway. He says these things hiss and growl at them.  He has also said that one of them grabbed his little brother’s arm and would not let him go.

I was watching the kids the other day and one of bestie’s hubby’s daughters was sitting in the boy’s room in the closet talking to the back wall. I asked who she was talking to and she said, “The shadow man. His name is Jason.” I was super freaked out.

I don’t really feel anything during the day unless I am alone in the house. But at night there is always a really creepy feeling from the hallway back. I don’t even like walking to my room without the lights being on.

  • Trademarked

    Is that the end😐

  • Kittygirl1992

    I feel like it’s incomplete

  • Rose Morrison

    I agree wholeheartedly with Trademarked and Kittygirl, it reads as incomplete. It is like reading the middle of a chapter, where the beginning and end are missing. If this piece were expanded to add these, it would be much improved.

  • stephanie armstrong

    I plan on writing what happends now it is a true situation that i am living in and want to post about it before we end up moving to S.C soon.