The Sensitive

hi, my name is Clarissa and I have a story to tell you, and unlike most, this one doesn’t have a happy ending.

It started when I was young, the dreams, seeing things out of the corner of my eye. And it only got worse, the doctor said that I have night terrors but anyone who can see what I see knows that it’s not just a dream.

I was sixteen when “they” started to follow me home. One night I started seeing a nun like figure in the corner of my room, it started out crouching, but as the weeks went by it started standing with its head bowed until almost six months then suddenly I started having dreams, it was the worst kind of dreams you can imagine. Dreams that would make a full grown man piss himself with fear, I… I saw my family being skinned alive while I watched, and that’s a pleasant one.

Finally I got angry and I yelled and screamed and cursed at it, and then it showed me it’s face… it was pail and vain riddin with bulging black eyes, and I knew then that it was not a human spirit, but a demon using the disgust of a woman of the cloth to mock god.

The monstrous being was on top of me before I could do anything, and next thing I know I am holding the dismembered arm of my mother. covered in the blood of my loved ones, the demon appeared and in the most soothing voice it said to me, “You feel pain?”, I numbly answer, “Yes, I feel pain, unimaginable pain.” The demon smiled sweetly and said in the same soothing voice, “You don’t have to, you can just go completely numb to the pain of this world, I can keep you company, oh the fun we will have, killing by the thousands and taking what we please. All you have to do is say my name and invite me into you,” My mind is blank, I can’t think of any reason to stay. “What is your name?” The demon said ever so sweetly, never letting her tone waver.

“My name is Lilith.”

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Very tropey. None of the scenes were built up so they didn’t invoke any emotion. I don’t even understand what happened. Why was Clarissa being haunted?