The Seducer

This is the story of how my beautiful little sister appeared grotesque and almost unrecognizable at my doorstep, deceased. You see my sister Eleanor was a beautiful 19 year old who loved to party with her sorority sisters; this fun-loving personality was also her downfall. My sister was somewhat of a promiscuous minx who always caught the attention of young men.

One night while partying for the first time since graduating she called instead of texting me and said “I think I finally found a man worth my time” I congratulated her thinking maybe he will finally tame her wild soul. Instead he stole it.

There had been about 3 dozen murders of pretty young girls in the area. They appeared on the doorstep of the nearest loved one after spending a night with a handsome young man, beaten almost beyond recognition with a note saying a simple imperfection signed with a single word “seducer”.

Now my sister went with this man she had met and they, well, got to business she sent all sort of details from how amazing he was to how amazing he treated her after and that she thought she was in love. Obviously this made me ecstatic to know my sister had finally found her soul mate but something seemed off, very off.

All of the sudden she stopped texting and about thirty minutes later she said she was scared. Angry and worried I replied instantly with a call but who answered was not my sister but a suave voice “what a w***e.” It said. In a rage I ran to my door to go to the location of the phone before I noticed, it was right outside. I threw my door open and saw her, my amazingly beautiful sister beaten and cut into a disgusting unsightly figure.

I found the man who did it in a bar the other day I knew it had to be him. A rather tall Latin American man somewhat sculpted with deep brown almost black eyes that almost looked as thought they had sprinkles of gold in them. His gaze held me, and he said in the same suave voice from the call “I do suppose I couldn’t escape all of you but think hard before you act boy.” I could tell he had lived for much longer than any living man, yet he looked only twenty.

He led me outside with his gaze and looked into my soul. “Your choice kill me capture me or leave, but a warning none shall be easy for the likes of you.” I wanted revenge I pulled out the switchblade I always carried and flicked out the flashing steel blade, and then I lunged in a rage the likes only Lucifer himself could use. Next I new I was laying in a hospital bed.

I was told I had been delivered after being mauled by a wild animal of some sort but that was not what happened I knew that I had been in the middle of a large bustling city it was a simple impossibility. He, The Seducer, was a beast disguised as a man, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I hope someday he will meet his match but I know I am not the man who will take him down. Unfortunately that’s where this story ends, for now.

  • Youtilla Gamer

    It was too obvious who the killer was, and the words for sentences need to be fixed a little but 2/5

    • J.R. Blood

      Thank you for your opinion it will be taken into account with the sequel

  • Konner

    J.R. Blood… Is that a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien?

  • Simon

    Police exists…