The River Country Film Audio (Reenactment)

*A deep robotic voice speaks on a black screen*

November 1, 2001! Warning! The audio you are about to hear is classified and comes from a mysterious videotape discovered at an abandoned Disney Park known as River Country. It is very disturbing! Even though the tape has been destroyed under unknown circumstances, the audio recovered will be very graphic and disturbing! However, due to age, the tape was damaged while the audio was recording, and some audio has been cut off. Other than that, everything else seems fine! Viewer discretion is advised! You have been warned! View and hear at your own risk! Good luck.



Reporter: Hey is it on?

Camera Man: Yup. Camera’s ready to go!

Reporter: Excellent! Let’s get filming!

Camera Man: Ok, we’re rolling, in one, two, and three. Action!

Reporter: Good afternoon everyone. I’m —- and I’m here with my good buddy —-. We’ve come here to the abandoned Disney Park, known as, River Country, in order to do some urban exploration and maybe even take some items left here by the ex-employees who used to work here.

Camera Man: Yeah. We tried to enter the park earlier in the day, but the damn security guards, at the entrance wouldn’t let us in. They kept saying that the park reached its guest capacity limit. Bastards! 

Reporter: We tried to explain to them, why we needed to get in the park, but the damn guards wouldn’t even listen. They just shoved us away from the gate, and threatened to taze us if we didn’t leave. Man what a bunch of dicks!! I swear next time I see them, ugh!

Camera Man: Forget it! Those guards aren’t worth it, even if they did shove us and threaten to taze us. Only, during these three hours of night, we could get past the park security.

Reporter: Let’s move out.

Camera Man: Okay.

Reporter: Alright, now that introductions are out of the way, and everyone knows what we’re doing, let’s get moving before it gets dark. This place gives me the creeps.

Camera Man: Alright. I’m right behind you.

Reporter: Hurry up man!

Camera Man: Yeah! Yeah! Hold your horses!

*The Camera Man runs and finally catches up to his friend*

Reporter: Now that you’re caught up let’s go up that water slide to get a better view of this mud hole.

Camera Man: Sounds good.

*The Camera Man and his buddy run up the stairs to the top of the old water slide*

Reporter: We’re almost there!

Camera Man: Bet I could beat you to the top!

Reporter: Oh no, I’ll beat you!

*The Camera Man and his buddy race each other to the top and finally make it*

Camera Man: *pants* Whew! Boy, that was fun!

 Reporter: I agree. *pants* Looks like you beat me.

Camera Man: Now that we’re here *pants* at the top of this slide, what do we *pants* do now?

Reporter: We film from above this angle I guess. *pants*

Camera Man: Ok, sounds good. *pants*

Reporter: Wow! This is such a wonderful view!

Camera Man: I agree with you. 

Reporter: Can you imagine what it must’ve been like here before it closed down?

Camera Man: Yeah, must’ve been fun here.

Reporter: Watch me slide down.

*Both, the Reporter and Camera Man laugh at the joke of sliding down the water slide*

Camera Man: Here dude, let me help you!

Reporter: Hey what’re you doing… Agh!

*The Camera Man pushes his friend down the slide*

Camera Man: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

*The Camera Man runs to the bottom of the slide, and across the bridge to where the small lagoon is, back to the shore of the pond, hoping his friend would surface from the water and be there*

Camera Man: I’d better go meet up with him.

*Suddenly, there is a loud splash, but no one surfaced*

Camera Man: Hey! What was that?! 

*There is dead silence and the Camera Man doesn’t hear from his friend*

Camera Man: Dude? Dude? You there?

*The Camera Man still doesn’t hear from his friend and calls him again*

Camera Man: Dude? Dude? Come one! Answer me! I’m sorry I pushed you in!

*The Camera Man calls for his friend’s name one last time*

Camera Man: Dude, this isn’t funny anymore! Where are you?

*There is no response and the Camera Man becomes frantic and decides to get some help*

Camera Man: Aww man! Aww man! Aww man! This is bad! What if he drowned?! I’d better get help!

*While on his way to get help, the Camera Man stops by a small shallow pond, the kiddie area, and there is the sound of a faint cough coming from behind him*

Camera Man: Hey what was that? Who’s there?

*The Camera Man turns around and sees that it’s his friend who was behind him*

Camera Man: Aw! Thank God you’re alright! I was so worried?

*The Camera Man’s friend doesn’t respond to him and breathes heavily*

Camera Man: You ok Dude?

*The Camera Man’s friend still doesn’t respond and continues to breath heavily. There is the sound of gagging and bodily fluids splattering and the man’s breathing becomes raspy*

Camera Man: Your face! What the happened to your face?!

*The Camera Man’s friend mutters something to him in a raspy voice. He says, ” There is no hope in the water! “*

Camera Man: What the f**k?! What the f**k…

*The audio skips and cuts off, but then returns back to normal*

Camera Man: Holly s**t! Holly s**t!!

*There are the sounds of running footsteps and heavy panting*

Camera Man: Jesus Christ! What the f**k is going on?!

*The Camera Man is crying and running for his life*

Camera Man: What the f**k is going on?! What the hell was that thing?! That couldn’t have been my friend?! It couldn’t have been!! I have to get the hell out of here!

*the audio cuts off and skips again, but returns back to normal*

Camera Man: Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! I’m so sorry! Please forgive me! I didn’t know! I didn’t know!

*The Camera Man cries and pants heavily. Then there is the sound of wheezing and gagging, along with bodily fluids splattering down*

Camera Man: I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! Holly S**t! Holly S**t!

*The Camera Man screams loudly and the audio cuts off and skips a third and final time. When the audio returns to normal there is the sound of a furnace and it goes quiet*

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    … What?

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      It’s an audio drama.

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