The Night I Stayed Alone

I was 12 when this happened. And yes this IS a REAL story. If you don’t believe me that’s OK. But I’ll still never forget what happened.

I was living in bay city, MI. I was staying the night at my cousin’s house playing fortnite. My uncle and aunt shouted to my other cousin who was in the bathroom. At this time she was 14 and my other cousin (who was a boy) was 7. They said that they were leaving to go to a party at their friend’s house. (Note that my aunt never was drunk and hated beer) they left and we decided to play the floor is lava.

We were pushing each other off of a bed into the lava when my cousins phone went off. She grabbed it and saw she had a text. It was from a random number it said 989… We couldn’t see the rest of the number. She opened it up and it said “I’m Coming” my cousin started to freak out. We had some weapons ready in case Something did come. We sat down and watched  YouTube. About an hour later we had the TV off and were playing the floor is lava again. Then that’s when we heard a bang on our door.

I ran to the front door and locked it. Then I grabbed a glass Fanta bottle and had it in my hand as a weapon, my cousins went and locked the back door. (Also note that the front door is in the entrance and the door to get inside the entrance is loud). We didn’t hear the entrance door open so we knew it wasn’t a person. And it couldn’t be an animal or a tree. I grabbed a broom (like that’s going to do anything) and I told my cousin to break the glass bottle if you were in trouble.

We called our aunt and she said that they were coming home. We relaxed (we had a dog that, of course, would go to the door if anyone was there). The dog, named “princess” went to the door and stayed there. We heard banging on the door and it became louder and louder. Then my aunt and uncle came home. The banging stopped.

I peered out the window and a guy in a black hoodie stood at the other side of the road. Staring at me. I thought I could see his eyes. They were all black. Then a car passed by and he disappeared behind it.

  • Yaboi

    Many mistakes in the writing, I see you tried to create the story in an modern style, but there are weaknesses. I understand this if the story really is true, and that you’re a begginer, but it’s just bad writing, I need to repeat this. 5.7/10