The Myrtle Beach Ghost Girl

I told myself that I would never go back… I sure as hell kept that promise. About 4 years ago, when I had just turned 21, I decided that it would be a wonderful idea to go to Myrtle Beach and drink a beer or seven. This was in late June, so the weather was perfect for a beach trip.

Once I arrived at the hotel, all the rooms were rented out, so I decided to go rent a cottage for a week or too, by the beach. The homeowner of the small cottage went to go get me the key after I paid him, when he got back, he warned me of a restless ghost of a 12-year-old girl. He told me how she was just enjoying herself, surfing, and then out of the blue, a shark attacked her. She then fled to the cottage, but died in one of the rooms. I just shrugged it off as one crazy old man’s desperate story.

Once I got inside, I was amazed. It was the most homey, most beautiful cabin I’d ever seen. The living room consisted of a blue chair, and a blue sofa, with a round wooden coffee table in the front. The walls had a sweet, blue floral wallpaper. There was a moderately sized kitchen to the left, and a hall with 2 bedrooms. One of them was locked, so I assumed this may have been the room the girl died in, if this story was true. “Or it might be where the man kept all of dirty magazines.” I thought to myself, giggling a small bit. The other bedroom had a rickety, yet comfortable bed with a blue comforter. “Damn, this man sure loves blue!” I muttered. There was a wooden nightstand next to it , along with a dresser, and a T.V. on top.

The first couple of nights were ok, but on the 4th, I started hearing quiet rustle from the blocked room, but I just thought, “Probably a raccoon…” The next night, I had the most vivid dream ever, I was at the shoreline, and I was swept into the sea, not in control of myself. All I could see in the vast blue water, was a girl on a Rosey pink surfboard. In the distance, I see a shark, probably a great white, rushing towards the thrashing, laughing girl. I would have yelled, “SHARK, B***H!” But I couldn’t, probably on account of me being underwater. The shark was getting faster… and closer, next thing I know, blood fills the water, as the girl gets bit hard in the side. I will never forget the terror in her eyes as the swims back to shore.

I woke in cold sweat, and I swear to God, I hear, “Do you understand now?” The next morning, my curiosities get the best of me. As I break down the door, I feel the most chilling sensation if ever felt. In the room was the most horrible sight, there were blood stains all over the floor, around a decaying body of what looked like a child. When I turn around, I see the ghost of her, the girl. She is wearing a pink one piece suit, and has the biggest bite mark I’d ever seen on here side. Before I can do anything, she evaporates into mist, and disappears. I’ve never ran faster in my life, I couldn’t even bother to get my things. Now, 4 years later, I’m still hung up about the girl. I knew she just wanted affection, but I couldn’t give it. I can’t blame her though, she is my sister after all.