The Monster of Silence

She was watching TV when she heard a strange noise coming from the basement. She ignored it and continued watching. That’s when she heard a voice saying, “I hear every move you make.” She thought it was from the TV. Then she heard laughter and screaming coming from the basement. Arming herself with a shotgun, she went to the basement and opened the door. It was a flesh eating monster. She shot at it, but the monster kept eating. Then the monster said, “Voices.” Then, she was silenced and fell to the ground while voicing The Monster Of Silence. Then her dog came out of the basement. The dog had 3 legs and could not talk. But the dog came out barking and had 4 legs.

  • Abbi

    Maybe instead of using ‘then’ when you want to transition try to make it a smoother sentence by explaining more what’s going on and go in depth with your sentence, and really think about it 🙂 nice story though.

  • Tristan Evans

    Um…is this a troll pasta? I’m sorry but this is terrible..

    • Lily

      It should be a troll pasta

  • Bonnie Manz

    This story makes no sense at all.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto