The Man Who Had No Eyes

When I was about 15 or so my mom, brother and myself moved into this small one bedroom apartment. As the oldest child my mom had giving me the bedroom and she set up the hallway as my brothers bedroom which was the hallway to my room the she took the living room. After we moved into the apartment I had yet to sleep in my room. I had made plans to spend the night with my friend at her place. When I came home the next morning to grab my backpack for school my brother was trying to tell me something about my room. I ignored him and we headed off to school.

When we came home from school my brother is telling me “Sis don’t sleep in your room please sis don’t sleep in your room the scary man lives in your closet”.  I had told him the day I went to my friends that he could sleep in my room. When he had told me about some scary man in my closet I just shrugged it off because he tends to try to scare me all the time. That night I was in my room doing my homework it was about maybe 1 or 2 am and it had got so cold in my room that I had to grab a blanket from the closet in the living room. Now it was weird that I had to have a blanket because it was summer.

I went back to my room and put my homework in my backpack and laid on my bed. I didn’t go to sleep yet because I usually stay up till about 3am usually playing a game on my phone or browsing around on MySpace and talking to one of my friends. Well just as I was about to put my phone on charge and turn my light off I heard a noise coming from my closet. Now I just shook it off thinking it was coming from the hallway maybe my brother was going to the bathroom. So I turned my light off and laid down.

About 10 or 15 minutes later I had heard it again. This time I glanced up at the closet door and saw that the door knob was moving and stopped after a few seconds. I tried to shake it off as the wind but.. I had my windows closed and my fan that I had was off. So I pulled the blanket over my face so I could try to ignore it some more and go to sleep.

Then the closet door knob was moving again but faster like someone was trying to come out of it. Now I will say it does take a lot to open that closet door it gets stuck all the time and I remember leaving it open when I had left to my friends the night before. Thinking my brother shut it. Then all of a sudden I hear the door swing open so I pull the blanket down to see if there was anything there.  I looked at the closet it was dark then coming out of the closet was a mist shaped like a man this intrigued me wanting to see more of him. I should have mention this earlier I’m a fan of the supernatural.

This misty man came towards my bed now I’m scared I thought to myself. As my brother had said before “A man with no eyes lives in the closet”. I shouldn’t have ignored that because he was right. The misty man had no eyes just empty eye sockets. He was tall really skinny like someone would if they never ate anything.

As he came over to me I pulled my blanket closer and closer to cover my face as he said this to me. “Get out get out get out” and “This is my home and I do not want you here leave or I’ll get rid of you myself”. That scared the f**k out of me and I pulled the blanket over my face. I didn’t hear him anymore after that and I heard my closet door slam shut. I ran the hell out of my room and went to the living room and told my mom what had happen.

She went to wake my brother and got us out of there. We had gone down the street to my grandma’s house a week later we went back to grab a few things and it looked as if a tornado had gone through our apartment. We got our clothes and whatever we needed and never gone back. Now today I’ve moved far away from there and heard rumours that the apartment building was torn down as all of the whole street and now stands a baseball stadium. I’ve heard no other stories like mine but my brother told me after that he tried to warn me because he told our mom but she didn’t belive him.

Now when we talk about it he just pretends he doesn’t remember but to this day I still from time to time have nightmares of that night.

  • Tapanga

    Good story

    U should make a 2nd one and have the base ball field into it.

  • Haylee

    Consider making a sequal, but I suggest you try to add more detail. Like if the character had felkt anything physical rather than emotional.

  • Supernatural lover

    Really love the story

  • Seamus McAndrews

    This wasn’t even good.

    The grammar was awful, as was the punctuation placement, which made the story hard to read.

    Plus, the premise of the story isn’t creative or original. There’s a million stories about some scary creature in a closet

    • CaptainSwan28

      I agrre

    • CaptainSwan28

      The plot and the grammar are terrible

    • iLovePastas

      Im the one who posted this story. This is a real experience I had. I i just wanted to share my experience with others. Im sorry if my grammer or punctuation isn’t correct.