The Man Above My Bed

I love the cold, I always have. I love waking up in the middle of the night, freezing, snuggling up my blanket. I love comforters, they are so… Well, comfortable. But, I’m afraid of the dark, I always feel like something is behind me, but when I look, its pure darkness, like something is there, laughing at me.

So one night, I open my window (my family doesn’t like the cold as much as I do) and close the door. My window is a couple feet up from the ground so if someone were on thier tippy toes, they could crawl into my window. I then fall asleep. When I wake up, I hear a clank, my closet is next to my window. It was coming from there. my closet door is broken so it falls off.

My eyes were still adjusting but it looked like a person standing next to my bed. They had a giant smile. I stood up like an idiot and said hey, or tried to, I choked. Then I realised he was wet. A thick dripping layer of blood was smeared on his face. I ran. My adrenaline was kicking in and I was gone.

I ran outside, all the way to the nearby forest. There, the sun was starting to rise and I could see someone walking around. He was walking away from me, but I was sure it was the man above me in bed.

It was cold outside. I walked home, looking aroud, and when I got home I checked the garage. My parents hang out in there. When I looked in I cried. My moms neck had been slit and my dads stomach had been ripped open. There was a fight. My mom was holding her phone with 911 dialed, just not called, and my dad had been holding his sword.

I turned around and the man was running at me. I knew there was nothing I could do but fight. I sprinted at him and shoved him over. I was angry at what he had done. I grabbed his neck and squeezed it. I held his neck until I heard a pop. His stupid smile was gone. As soon as I had calmed down and saw what I had done, I got up and walked away.

I love the cold…

  • Bluemoon

    Wow i only have 3 words
    I love it!