The Lost Steven Universe Episode

I was laying in my bed, watching some reruns of cartoons like Teen Titans and Adventure Time when Steven Universe came on. I loved it. A couple of episodes were average normal ones. I went to go eat. After I ate, I came back and Steven Universe was on but I remembered turning the TV off. I just thought it might have been my mind playing a fake memory.

The normal intro played and the title card episode name popped up. It was titled a weird sequence of numbers. It wrote “7673473323”. I thought the network messed up the name, so I continued watching (I really wish I should have just turned it off). It looked normal for the first half of the episode. It was a story about Steven learning more about his mom, but halfway through, Steven’s eyes started to bleed, even his gem was bleeding and the other gems were just ignoring it.

Steven then started to fight Pearl. When he stabbed Pearl, she did not p**f back to her gem but she fell down and died. Steven then began to bury her body but Garnet saw him, so he began to kill her too; ripping her head off and beating her with it. He buried her too. After a while of him just staring, he then began to look at the screen and say, “This is what you came for.” He said that phrase again nine more times.

Amythyst then showed up and began cutting herself. After a while of blood dripping, she finally died. By then Steven already went to see Lars and Sadie. When he went into the big doughnut, they were both dead. A doughnut with Lars’ ear was on the counter and Steven began to eat the ear and doughnut. After he finished, he went to the temple.

Connie was there eating lion while he was eating peridot. Steven then killed them all cooking their bodies and giving them to the town to eat. I just remember Steven going to the cliff and jump head first into the ground. When he hit the ground, Steven’s head popped on the screen saying, “YOU’RE NEXT, MARCUS!” I then broke my TV and try to hang myself. My dad saved me and I was taken to a therapist for five years. I still remember this but I still feel it’s not over yet.



  • IronMosquito

    Alright. When I got this notification I wanted to like it, since I like Steven Universe, but come on. It’s the same as all the other lost episodes. I know it’s not meant to be realistic but to think that Steven could kill any of the Gems, especially Garnet, is ridiculous. This story tries to use a shock factor, and while I did like the idea that Steven cooked their bodies and fed it to the rest of Beach City (that sounds weird) the rest was re-used. Plus, wouldn’t it be impossible to cook bodies made of light?
    In conclusion, I think this story could be improved if it used more unique shockers. Like Steven feeding their bodies to Beach City or ripping off Garnet’s head and beating her with it. Y’know, just try to make it more realistic to the show and use new ideas.

  • IronMosquito

    Sorry for the extra comment, but I forgot to add something. Try to make the story more in depth. For example;
    “Steven approached Garnet, and he had a murderous look in his eyes. She didn’t seem to hear him come closer, and when she did notice, it was too late. With a superhuman strength, one that surpassed even a diamond, he proceeded to grab her head and rip it from her body. His grin as his fingers dug into her neck was unsettling, in the sense that he seemed to be enjoying the look of anguish on her face. The detail put into the spine, the flesh and skin ripping, and the blood pouring from her was horrifying. When her body stopped twitching, he hoisted her up with bloodstained hands and threw her into the grave with Pearl.”
    (Also, was the “HE’S GONE” bit a reference to the “SHE’S GONE” joke? Just wondering.)

    • Marcus

      Yes it was a reference and I get the inconsistency I was young and stupid but I’ve gotten better and my writing since then I’m gonna start writing more but thanks for the opinion I’ll take it into account

      • IronMosquito

        No problem dude, I’d like to see you improve. I loved the joke by the way, I laughed pretty hard at it! Just remember to practice. (Side note- Who’s your favourite Gem?)

        • Marcus

          I really love peridot

          • IronMosquito

            Nice, me too!

  • Tedi Malekian

    Very mediocre.

    • Daniel Di Benedetto

      Agreed. Highly overdone, unoriginal, and hard to read. I really don’t mean this to be rude- but wasn’t there a moment while writing this that you thought “Doesn’t this sound like literally every other Lost Episode-themed story on this website?” And I’m with Iron Mosquito, too: use some description. Create some literary depth. It was just “Steven killed this guy then did this spooky thing and then killed another guy and then they all were dead and he cooked them hahaha.” Like, come on, man. Try to avoid cliches like that.

      • Tedi Malekian

        Well said. There are alot of lost episode stories so its very hard to stand out with one nowadays.

  • Okay That’s weird