The Last One

“Come on! It’s right over here!” Sam yelled as she waved her hand, beckoning Ted and Alyssa over.

This house was extremely creepy but a dare is a dare. Alyssa sighed as she forced herself forward towards this looming mansion that towered over the trio of friends. “Do I have to go inside ? ” Alyssa whined . She really did not want to have to go into this creepy place. “Yes Alyssa, a dare is a dare. You have to do this or you will forever be a chicken” Sam mocked.

“Alright fine, I guess” Alyssa huffed as she hesitantly pushed open the wrought iron fence that blocked her entrance. The fenced sounded almost as if it we’re whining against the pressure of being opened. Alyssa jumped as it slammed behind the trio of friends but continued forward. The old, rotten stairs creaked with each step and she slowly made her way up the stairs to the decaying patio. She turned to look at her friends who were right behind her, watching her every move.

“Keep moving!” Sam said as she gave her a push forward. Alyssa crept to the door and pushed. The door swing open with a loud thud. So loud Alyssa jumped about a mile. Her friends just laughed and continued after her. “Scaredy cat! A door scared you, haha!” Sam and Ted mocked.

“Alright you guys, I’m inside, now what?” “Lets explore the place! Might as well since we are already in this dump” said Ted. So the trio set off down the massive front hall, when suddenly a loud thump sounded from the floor above. “Um, what the hell was that?” Said Sam. ” Dunno, must be a squirrel or something?” Whispered Ted. “I don’t care what it was, I’m outta here. This place gives me the creeps.” Yelled Alyssa. She turned around and the door was gone, it was just a wall there. “I could have sworn we just came through a door right here. ” Whispered Alyssa, now visibly shaken.  “Guess we have to keep moving” whispered Sam, all the fun and mischief in her eyes replaced by sheer terror.

So the trio continued on into the main living room, an eerie glow coming from beneath the basement door.”Dare you to see what’s down there Sam” Alyssa challenged. Sam was hesitant but didn’t refuse. As she reached for the door, the knob all of a sudden started glowing a bright red. A faint hiss was heard as her hand touched it. “OW!!” Sam screeched and she wrenched her hand away. “What the f**k just happened?” She yelled, cradling her hand against her chest. ” I dunno Sam” Ted whispered, his heart hammering. He reached for the door and heard a blood curdling shriek coming from the floor above them.

Not wanting to know what in the hell that was, the three friends bolted down the basement stairs , not noticing the door slam shut behind them. Breathing hard, Sam gasped for breath and barely muttered “Everyone ok?” “Yeah I’m good Sammy” Alyssa gasped. But there was no sound from Ted. ” Ted?” Sam said, no answer. “TED?!” She screamed, only silence answered back. *Alyssa, where’s Ted?!” Sam screamed, panic wavering her voice. ” I don’t know but we have another problem, look?!” She pointed to creature lingering in the shadows by the basement stairs, lumbering back and forth as if it we’re pacing. “What is that thing?” Sam whispered. ” I don’t know but I think its waiting for us”

They crept quietly down the steps but the steps themselves were not so forgiving. One solemn creak was enough to give them away as the two girls were met with two beady red eyes . The girls screamed and ran down the steps and into the basement.  The weaved in and out of bookshelves and crates, getting separated in the midst of the chaos. The creature roared and lumbered after them. All of a sudden silenced consumed the eerie darkness. Sam realized that Alyssa was not behind her. “Alyssa ?” She whispered ever so quietly. No answer back. She realized with no doubt in her mind that she was the last one.

  • MissMe123

    Ending seems rushed, other than that great story!

    • Domini Britton

      Thanks for the input, I will definitely keep that in mind when I write again!

  • Tapanga

    U should continue the story

  • Ray Ramirez

    I liked it! And I agree with Tapanga, a sequel to this would be great.

  • Sirena Woods

    Great story.. Part 2 would be awesome