The King of the Dead – Part 1

I was on a plane everything was fine, well things weren’t normal. We were taking a flight to Mexico some sort of family emergency. Every time I asked my grandmother why we were going to Mexico she would whisper something. When she whispered it felt like something cold was sneaking up on you about to grab your neck and you could feel it.

When we got out of the plane I could see that there was some sort of event happening. There were signs everywhere. I can’t read Spanish I could barely say hola. We soon went into a very shady neighbourhood. I could see men scheming and plotting. We were rushed into a small hut. I found everything uncomfortable and something was very wrong with my grandmother. I decided to stop asking questions.

Late at night 12:00 pm or so I woke up I did not know why. I could hear music very scary music. I could see shadows moving around and then I noticed my grandmother was gone. I was scared out of my mind. It felt like everything you had was gone and you where some sort of empty shell curling up. The feeling kept getting stronger and my eyesight started to blur I felt like a clock. Tic toc. Tic toc. All of the sudden it all stopped. At 8:00 am I could see it was very blurry. Eventually I could see just fine. My grandmother was sitting there on the ground as if she was waiting for me. My grandma was acting normal but I still felt something wrong. I was trying to figure out what had happened was a dream or if it was real. Every single thought ran through my head. I felt as if I was going insane. I had to figure out what was happening. I went out of my hut. There were apartments surrounding us. I saw men wearing the same clothes everywhere I looked. When I looked around every corner I also found the same symbol it wasn’t graffiti it was a symbol and it looked so familiar. We spent two days inside of this place which was starting to feel like prison until something happened.

12:00 am I woke again I heard music but it was happier like party music and then I noticed my grandmother was gone. I felt normal nothing was happening I was very scared and the fear was building and then I froze. I couldn’t move or control myself at all. Then I started moving and I felt like a spectator. I walked towards the music. Everyone acted as if they knew me. I found the source of the music. It was indeed a party. I gained control if my body once again. I searched everywhere for my grandmother and she was still nowhere to be found. I found a black hallway it looked empty. I was running into the hallway faster than ever when two men grabbed me and dragged me to a room. The room was lit with candlelight. I could see something I looked harder and harder. I soon realised it was an altar. The men had masks and robes. They all circled around me I couldn’t move and then I blacked out.

To be continued…