The Kidnappings – Episode 5

The sun felt warm against my pale back. My legs felt tingly and cold as they submerged into deep, cold water. It was a week after the phone call that made me forever feel vulnerable and terrified. I tried to get that horrible feeling out of my body by going for a swim at the beach with my classmates, Caitlin and Britney. The splash echoed in my ears as I dived into the dark, deep water. I tasted the salty water against my lips. Even though I felt joy, there was a cold fear awakening from deep inside of me. I felt regret ever since I left that woman in that apartment. Plus I still don’t even trust Kate. All I wanted was to be safe, though I knew that phone call wasn’t a threat… It was a promise. I bobbed my head out of the water with a splash, my long, brown hair flicked off water into each direction. With another splash, I went back under and swam as hard as I could to the nearby rocks. I sprawled my wet hands over the top of a nice, warm boulder and heaved my body on top of it. I felt safe, but I wasn’t for too long. Later that night Britney and Caitlin drove me home. The crescent moon was big and bright, unlike usually. I ran up the door, my footsteps pattering against the cement. I ran upstairs after dinner and threw on a pink cat onesie and leaped onto my bed. I pulled the blanket over me, the warmth made me fall into a deep sleep. I felt so relaxed and comfortable. I was gone within minutes. Usually I would sit on my laptop for an hour or two. Suddenly my legs feel cold. I try and reach for my blanket but I don’t feel it. I curl up into a ball to try to get warmer, though I felt a very cold breeze. I open my eyes, I could see a fan next to me and I was lying on a carpet. I felt confused and terrified at the same time. I pulled my body up, I was in some house that i’ve never seen before. My eyes widened. I was on somebody’s bedroom floor. My wrist stung like fire. I took attention away from where I am and focused on the pain I was feeling. I pulled up my right wrist and examined the cuts on it. The word “Enter” was carved into my wrist. I let out a high moan of pain. I struggled to get up off the floor. Everything was blurry and hard to see. I staggered back on to a bed and rolled right back off onto the ground. “Help me…” I called as loud as I could, but it barely was louder than a whisper. I didn’t know what was happening to me but I knew I was in trouble. I hear the creak of a door, next minute a shadowy figure steps forward. “Look what you’ve gotten yourself into.” It laughed a sickening laugh. I couldn’t say anything I just mumbled a couple of things. “Fuu… savem.. gu.” I was obviously drugged. Before I knew it I was tied to a chair in the same room, though I could see perfectly and there was no guy watching me. I felt petrified and the strange music playing wasn’t helping. There was a bed behind me, a box in the corner to my right and a door in front of me. I struggled to untie myself. The rope that held me back was as thick as a metal bar. The music kept pounding in my head, I just wanted to scream. I felt sick and tired. The music just kept getting louder and louder. What kind of sick person does this? My head felt like it was about to explode and my ears felt like they were gonna pop. I couldn’t take another second of it. I then was relieved after the music had stopped. Though I felt worse after seeing a man push open the door and walk towards me. It was the same man I saw walking in the hotel hallway. He looked at me with a sick and cruel grin. “You shouldn’t have gotten yourself caught up in my business.” He said as he pulled out a sharp knife. “You see, I create art. Since you’re interested in my work. I thought, why not make you my next masterpiece.” He let out a sly giggle as he held a knife out in front of me. I burst into tears. He just examines me as if i’m a lab rat. I knew exactly what cruel idea he had in his head. He was gonna carve designs into my stomach with his knife just like he did with that woman in the apartment. “Well, it’s time for the messy part.” He joked as he stared at my stomach and then back to his knife.


Authors Note:

Leave an idea of what you think is going on and why that guy wants to carve designs into her stomach. Atleast we now know that the groundskeeper didn’t do it, or is he apart of it too? I do read everybody’s comments, I do respect critics, the note where I said “If you don’t like my story then don’t read it”, wasn’t aimed at you Simon. I was recieving hate from some kids that read my story. Thankyou to everybody that likes my series.

  • Anthony Purser

    Bad … come get me

  • Simon

    Well, now I feel silly. As for the story, this part was actually the best one yet. It didn’t particularly scare me, as my suspension of disbelief for this series is pretty nonexistant by this point, but it was alright.

  • SkullNboNes

    This is definitely getting better

  • Ray Ramirez

    This is badass keep going

  • JaeBird

    I really like this! Looking forward to the next part~

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    When the next episode