The journal of Kieran

OK so let’s get something straight, I am a straight A student at a highschool in Colorado. It was a really snowy day when me and my friends got together and went to the arcade. When we got there we played Packman, the best game in the arcade. I had the highest score in the entire state of Colorado. When I got back home I got a letter and a cardboard box in the mail. It was from my Dad and it said “Hey Kieran, hope your having a nice winter break. I sent you this game I got awhile ago, I haven’t even opened it yet. It’s for the Nintendo 64. My old Nintendo 64 is in the cardboard box you got with this your home planet. The alien started to talk and said “I know where you live” and recited my address and I shut it off as fast as I could. The next morning I letter.” I quickly grabbed the game and the box and ran inside to set it up. After I set it up I put the cartridge in and turned it on and I started playing. The cartridge wasn’t named, it just said “19950175.” When I started playing it, it was a 2D side scroller. You were playing as an alien trying to get back to hung out with my friends again and told them what happened. and how it told me my address and. My friends just said “It’s just a game don’t worry about it.” So I went along with it. That night I started playing it again. The alien on the screen said “look out your window.” I did and there was a pentagram on the tree next to my window and the alien said “Like my art?” I shut off the console again. The next morning I hung out with my friends and told them what happened. They didn’t believe me so I brought them to the tree and the pentagram was gone, and I started to think that I was crazy and stopped worrying about it. The night after that I started to play it again (because it was the day back from winter break). The alien said “Hey how you gonna get to school tomorrow.” I stated back “Why are you asking?” He said “Go check upstairs in your mom’s room.” I sprung up and ran to my moms room and my mom wasn’t in there. I heard splashing in the bathroom so I went into the bathroom and there was my mom. Her hands and legs were tied together and she was face down in the filled bathtub. I turned around and saw the alien from the game. The alien whispered and said “It’s just a game huh?” So now I’m in the basement writing this as fast as I can

  • Reine