The Hunt

Chapter One

I woke up one morning and I call from my mom no one answered. I walk to my mother’s room but no one was in there. “That’s weird,” I said to myself. I call for my brother and sister still no answer. I grab a knife from the kitchen and I put it over a flame. When the knife was hot enough I burn myself. I do this everyday. No one knows. I put the knife from my shoulder all the way down to the back of my hand.

I walk outside there was no one out there no friends, no family, no ice cream truck. But I saw a tall man far away, I was scared. It was raining blood out of the sky. I look back at the tall man he was gone so I started walking through the neighborhood. I saw two more men.

One had a knife they started walking towards me I walk backwards. They started getting closer I started running away. I look back around in they were gone I was wondering to myself, “Where did they go.” I look in front of me and there they were. There were ten of them, There were eight men, that tall man I saw earlier, and a small dog with a smile on his face.

They all had blood in their eyes. I saw a rock on the ground so I picked it up. I threw the rock behind them and ran. I knew something was wrong they let me go for a reason. And I will find out that reason soon.

Chapter Two

A house of death

I decided to call my grandma, I miss her anyway. I asked if she can come get me. After she came to get me, we went to her house which was 80 miles away from the city I lived in. Long drive I know and it wasn’t worth it. When we got to her house I heard something in the trees. It’s said, “Come here.” So I just walked into the house.

The kitchen was a mess, like rat for living here, I actually saw a couple rats on my way upstairs. I went to my Room which I always go to, it is clean. I didn’t see any dust or anything on the floor, I was surprise. I got dressed into my pajamas in tried to go to sleep, but I heard something outside in the trees so I looked out the window.

But I close my window in just went to sleep, when I woke up my grandma was in my room. My grandma asks me, “What happened to the rest of the family?” So I told her the whole thing, she thought the house burned down because I had a burnt mark on my right arm.

Around bed time, I heard a tree being knocked down so I looked out my window. The figure I saw last night was under one of the trees again. The figure was looking at me, I can tell and I looked at it. The figure kept looking at me I saw something in its hands it looked like a knife.

So I close my eyes in the figure was gone when I open them. My door opened in my grandma was looking at me she said with a temper, “Get away from the window!” I looked down at her hands and I saw a knife.

I said, “Yes grandma.”

“Now go to bed.”

So I got in my bed and grandma left but, I heard someone downstairs talking to grandma. Then I heard footsteps coming up so I open the window and jumped out, and I started to run into the forest.

I stopped and looked back at the window. The man was looking out the window but I was hidden. Then I started to run further into the forest it was dark and damp. I saw abandoned Mansion bigger than the tallest trees.

I said, “How! How did I not see this before,” so I was thinking of a reason, “Maybe a force field is keeping it hidden.” I looked up at one of the windows and I saw someone.

“Why did this happen to me?”

I looked at the front door and thought to myself, “If I go in there I might die or… I can stay out here.” But I heard something from in the mansion. “What can I do?” I said. I heard someone behind me so I looked and someone knocked me out.

Chapter three

Another chapter, more Horror

I woke up in a jail cell and I heard voices they were saying, “Wake up wake up!” It got louder and louder I opened my eyes and…

“I thought you guys were dead but no,” it was my family. My brother, sister, and mom. I thought they were dead but they weren’t. I was so happy but I heard footsteps getting closer and closer.

The door on the other side of the room opened and someone came closer. “Shut up if you want to live.”

I shut my mouth and looked at the wall. I lay down and said, “so what do you want from me?”

“How do you know it’s you we want?”

“I was born at night but it was not last night.” I looked at him from the ground and he looked at me. “Fine! But I don’t know why we need you.” I started to smile.

He looks at me and saw me smiling and said, “What are you smiling at?” I said, “Because I’m always right.” I looked at my brother and sister and I said, “So why did you guys take my family?”

“I don’t know you have to talk to the leader.”

“And who is the leader?” I said looking at the wall. He told me, “Slenderman.” My eyes opened and I said, “What?” I got up from the floor and looked at him like he was crazy but he was not.

I can tell he is not lying to me. But I was scared so I said, “You’re lying right?” He told me, “I am not lying, I promise.” I believe him but I wish I didn’t.

I said nothing for five minutes and the door opened. There he was, Slenderman. I was shaking I was scared for my family’s safety. He looked at me with his eyeless face, I crossed my arms and looked at the wall.

“I said I don’t want to see you again,” I said looking at the wall. “So why did you take my family?”

“To catch you,” Slenderman said looking at me even if he has no eyes. “Well let them go!” I said with my eyes on him. “No and you can’t stop me,” Slenderman said.

My eyes turn from brown to purple and they all looked at me. My family got scared and, I finally found out what I am not a human but a monster. I was part demon and part animal, they all looked at me. I grew a tail and ears, And I grew a third eye on my forehead.

“I look like a monster,” I said so afraid and my hair turned light blue with one purple stripe.

  • Brandy88

    I’m sorry but my goodness this was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!! So many grammatical errors could barely even follow along, jumped all over the place, many important details completely missing, etc. Horrible… save yourself the time of the 3 horrible, confusing, erratic, “chapters” and just find something else to read instead..

  • Aly

    This is sad…plain terrible. Wow.

  • Mirror Master

    I’m actually shocked how terrible this “story” is. This reads like the ravings of a schizophrenic lunatic. I wish I had read the comments first….

  • Winter

    oof im sorry but i liked your story and continue to write storys!!! Bc i really liked it! ^-^

  • Winter

    Im sorry about them… i liked it really i did it had suspense and weirdness! The only thing that i didnt like was that she turned into a supernatural creature at the end. But overall i really liked it! Keep writing bc i want to read more stories like this!