The Huggins Story

Another second alive, another breath wasted. Huggins thought in his head as the days went by. He felt that he was here for no reason. That the world has made him cold.

“I rather be back in my attic where nobody in this world can take advantage of me. I am there with my friends,” he kept on saying. All he ever wanted was to be loved and every time he did something nice, he would want a hug. His obsession of being appreciated drove him crazy. He never had a true lover therefore he never experienced true love. He was all alone in his own little world and everyone he let in would eventually stab him in the back. As a result he would keep his distance and keep to himself.

He stayed in his attic mostly. Until one day, he was forced out of it because he was heard talking to myself while in there.

“Those are my true friends I’m talking to up there, leave me be!” he would scream. It was all in his mind. Every “true friend” didn’t really exist or did they? One day a tragedy happened. Huggins was sitting in his room until he heard a noise coming from the attic. Every time he heard it he would say, “No worries, I’ll be back soon and then we can play and talk like we used to.”

The only thing holding him back was his fear for his parents. But, they were not home. He took this opportunity to go up to the attic, only to never be seen again. His parents came home that evening to find no sign of Huggins. What left them nerved was the fact that the attic door was left wide open.

Unfortunately, no one ever found out what happened to Huggins. Maybe the “true friends” were real and they took. Maybe he ran away. But, every once in a while people would complain of a foul stench coming from their attic. Some would even here a boy talking. Brave ones would go up, if lucky, would encounter a figure with its arms out asking to be hugged. If they ran it would chase, haunt, and eventually kill the person. But, if they accepted they would be trapped inside the attic with it forever.

Huggins was a tortured soul who wanted friends and wanted to be loved. But remember, every time you smell a foul odor, hear a noise, a thump, perhaps footsteps in your attic or ceiling? That’s just him saying hello and waiting to meet you.