The House: Theater – Part 1

It was pitch-black, I couldn’t see anything, I must have been in some sort of closet. All I could tell was that it was dark, so I tried feeling around for walls or something solid. Eventually, I found the walls and a door. It squeaked as I opened it. The brightness of the outside blinded me once it struck my face. I turned back to the dingy room to regain my sight, then, I saw something I wish I hadn’t.

Bags, lots of them. They looked like body bags. At first, I thought they were still, not moving at all, and then I noticed that they were moving. They looked like they were breathing, but breathing slowly and shortly. I cautiously walked toward them and unzipped them, scared that something might jump out at me.

Once I opened the bag, I discovered a person, specifically a friend of mine. I opened the other bags, and saw all of my friends and was confused. “Why would my friends be in full-sized body bags?”, “Who put them there?”, “Why was I not in a body bag?” I asked myself. I was too busy thinking about the body bags, that I didn’t see a figure standing in the doorway. But before I realized what was going on, the figure slammed the door shut, plunging me into darkness once again… I had to find the door again, after I opened the door I decided that I might as well explore the house I was in, although I didn’t know it was a house at the time. Whatever was in that house, didn’t like me being up and about.

The house was grim and eerie, and I felt like I was being watched. I was a little spooked, but the house itself was like a classic, dingy, haunted house from some bad horror movie. There were bloodstains everywhere, cobwebs, thunder, lightning, you know, standard stuff. I even heard some children running around on the floor l above me. I thought nothing of it at the time, but I later learned I should be warier of things like that.

After about 10, 20 minutes of walking down the hallway I could feel a liquid start gathering around my feet. The worn boots I was wearing started to sploosh around like I was walking around in a deep puddle. Before long I realized that whatever liquid I was walking had been rising. I looked down only to realize what I was walking in was a gelatinous, clumpy red substance. What again is a gelatinous deep red substance that clumps together? Oh yeah, blood.

I started looking around to try and find where the blood was coming from. Not the floor, not the ceiling, oh, the walls. I could feel the thick liquid start rising above my ankles. I had to find a way out, fast. I noticed a rusty trap door on the ceiling, so I climbed. I climbed on a nearby bookcase, practically fell a few times but I ultimately made it. When I looked back, I could tell the substance was already a third up.

I pulled on the trap door only to find it jammed. Figures, it looked as if it had been forced shut and left alone for decades. I looked around for something to pry the trapdoor open. Cheezy and kinda weirdly enough, a sturdy piece of metal were found on the bookcase I was standing on. Hence, my scrawny narrow arms did their best to open the trap door and… CRACK, the trap door opened.

As I climbed through the trap door, the blood had almost reached the top of the bookshelf. I quickly scampered up and slammed the door shut. I had entered what looked to be offstage of a theater. The theater looked like somewhere in the town I lived in. In the center of town, there was an old theater where operas and musicals would be played. I tried out for a few musicals and got in a few, I was told I did well. The building was built in December of 1683 and burned down last November. After the theater burned down, there was barely anything to do, and the town turned dull. In July of this year, a new theater group moved in. They mocked the theater business. I hated the two brothers who ran the place.

The two brothers were named Jammie and Joey. Both identical to each other. The only thing they had to tell them apart was their clothing. Jammie wore oranges and purples, where Joey wore oranges and blues, I think. Or was it the other way around? There was never a time when they weren’t apart. Even if it looked as if there was just one of them, the other would be just around the corner. There was one time when I only saw one, but I tend not to think of it. That night, the theater’s adaptation of Hamlet was playing. Well, one of the actors couldn’t make it because it was their niece’s birthday. That night, I ran aren’t because my mother was sick. So, as I left the store, I passed an alleyway while going home. What I saw was horrific.

I saw the actor, on the ground. There was no blood, but no sign of breathing from what I could see. I started walking faster as I saw a figure stand. The figure walked out and started, following me. As I looked behind me, I could see blues and oranges. Let’s just say I got home out of breath.