The Hollows Eve Hunt

It was Halloween and the haunted houses are open. People are passing out candy and loving the costumes, of course, I’m a vampire for Halloween. I am only 16. My friends and I went to this haunted cemetery across town. It was a dare for Halloween. And I had to do it or I’ll chicken out. The cemetery we went to was the oldest one in town. It looked spooky to me, but they said that they were chased out by ghosts (spirits). At first, I didn’t believe them. Til this day, my story goes on like that.

As we went into the cemetery, they know that I’m already scared. My legs were shaking and my teeth were clattering. I think that I was cold. I didn’t like it when it was cold. Last year for Halloween, it was raining and cold. I hated it. As I was saying, we went to an old grave, which to do a ritual. I didn’t know what to do cause I was scare at first. But I got the hang of things as they were doing it.

I felt something on my shoulder, but I thought it was a bug or something. I felt it gain during the ritual. But it wasn’t a bug. It felt cold, bitter, and hard.

“Guys, help me,” I said, pulling away from the grasp. I didn’t know what to do. But they knew.

“We need to get out of here now!” someone yelled.

We all were running, but someone screamed.

Oh no, someone has Emily! I thought

I stopped to see where she was. She was nowhere to be seen. Where I she? I thought to myself. Boom! Something had hit me!

“Ouch!” I screamed. It hurts now, but it was oozing red, slimy stuff. Another scream, but this time, it was Ethan. Something had tripped him. A tree branch – wait, there weren’t no trees. I’m scared to death now. Only four of us were left: me, Max, Hailey, Blake, and Marisa. I was crying. God, please help us.

“Matrix, we are the only ones left. Emily and Jake are gone, nowhere to be seen, we need to get out of here,” Blake said.

Something had grabbed Blake and dragged him away.

“Blake! Grab my hand!” I yelled.

“Blake!” I screamed again.

Someone grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up.

“Let’s go, we need to get out of here so none of us wont get killed,” Marisa said.

She was strong for her age. And she was only 17, a year older than me.

But then, something slashed her throat, still leaving me hooked on to her like a rope. Only me, Marisa, max, and Hailey, wait, where is max, and where is Hailey? No, this can’t be happening. Me and Marisa are left, we need to get out of there. We both ran til we were out of there.

“Marisa… we are the only… ones left… we need to get… out of here now,” I said, heaved in puffs of air.

“Marisa? Marisa!” I yelled.

No answer.

I was running out of the grave yard and the cops were right there.

“Why did we come here? Was this a prank or something?” one asked.

“I don’t know why, but it came from right here,” Mike said.

“Guys, I’m right in front of you!” I yelled.

“I guess we can leave cause there no one here,” Mike said.

“Hello, can’t you see me?” I asked.

“Let’s just leave and tell them what happened,” Nate said, leaving.

Wait, they didn’t see me, does that mean I’m-

“Come on Mike,” the other officer said.

They, just left. I’m dead.

Author’s Note: So at the end, she got killed if you were confused. The cops never saw her, but she is a ghost. That’s why she said I’m dead.

  • Rose Morrison

    I’m sorry, this story was very badly let down by bad grammar, poor spelling, random tense changes and a weak plot. Plus, who was Matrix? A character that suddenly appeared! Editing would have eradicated all these problems. Please keep writing, your idea was good, I look forward to reading more from you, but please, edit, edit, edit.

    • Briar Tousley

      Matrix was the person we were seeing the story through

      • Rose Morrison

        Ok, re-reading it carefully, I can see that now. My bad, I apologise for that. However, I stand by my other comments.

  • Ana Lucia Gonzalez

    Right but then he said Marisa got her throat slashed and then he was like where is Marisa did he mean someone else?